7 Garage Conversion Ideas to Get You Inspired

Garage Conversion Ideas – Back then, a garage was used only to house a car. Today, it is considered to be an extra space that can be converted into just about anything. From a kitchen extension, extra bedroom, home office, to home cinema.

Interested in converting your garage but still undecided on what you should convert it to? We can help with that. Check out 7 garage conversion ideas below. 

1. Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extension

Is your garage located next to your kitchen? Why not convert it into a kitchen extension? Extra space for the kitchen is always welcome, especially so if you have a small cooking area. 

Just think about the gas lines and plumbing when you bring an actual kitchen out into the garage.

Or, if you create a new dining area, focus on whether the walls you need to remove are structural, flooring, and good thermal performance.

2. Extra Bedroom

Extra Bedroom Ideas

If a simple conversion is what you want, a bedroom will be a nice option.

When converting a garage into a bedroom, you will only need to focus on basics such as walls, flooring, windows, as well as furnishing. Depending on your needs, you might also need to think about the wiring.

3. Home Office

Home Office Ideas

While you can work anywhere, you want in your home, having a dedicated home office will make working a lot more comfortable.

It makes things easier to manage, too. Your partner also works remotely? In that case, get a double desk so the two of you can have a productivity haven in the house.

4. Garage Conversion Ideas: Hobby Room

Hobby Room Ideas

Have a hobby but don’t have a single room left for it? Well, your garage will be a nice place. Convert your garage into a hobby room.

This will keep your home organized, have minimal clutter, and make you feel fulfilled. Not to mention you won’t have to impact your existing layout, too.

5. Second Living Room

Second Living Room Ideas

Nowadays, more and more people choose to have an extra living space. The first one is for the family as well as large gatherings, while the extra one is for a quieter retreat.

Another great idea is to connect the kitchen with the extra living room. This, however, is only plausible if the garage is next to the kitchen.

6. Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

Love working out? Or perhaps wanting to do so? Instead of getting a gym membership, convert your garage into a home gym.

This way, you can work out wherever you want to without leaving the privacy and comfort of your home. No gym membership is required.

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7. Home Cinema

Home Cinema Ideas

Need a room where you can get entertained while being detached from the business of life for a few hours? A home cinema can help you do just that.

To get the best cinema experience, make sure that your garage is soundproof and can create a blackout.

As our garage conversion ideas above have shown you, the garage is quite a flexible space. It can be converted for various purposes.

Be it a kitchen extension, hobby room, second living room, gym, or even home cinema. So, what do you think? Which one of the ideas above do you like the most?

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