7 Garage Door Ideas to Upgrade Your House’s Street Appeal

Garage Door Ideas – When it comes to looks, the garage door is often an overlooked part of the home. But here’s the thing: it is pretty much an integral part of a house’s street appeal since it is usually at the front of the house.

Want to give a style upgrade to your house exterior? Check out our garage door ideas below.

1. Black Barn Doors

Black Barn Doors

Perhaps you are a fan of the classic farmhouse look? If so, black barn garage doors are a good option.

Be careful, though. If you want to go black, make sure that the garage doors don’t stand out too much.

Notice here the black is surrounded by white and dark gray, softening up the contrast.

2. White Roller Door

White Roller Door

If you want to add a modern, industrial touch to your street appeal, consider installing a white steel roller door. This one here is not only adding such a touch but is also blend well with the surrounding.

It not only looks good but also doesn’t eat up much space as it opens vertically. That means you are free to use the remaining space in the garage.

3. Garage Door Ideas: Door with Windows

Door with Windows

If you want to allow more light to enter the garage interior, choose a garage door with windows on it. Want to be more stylish? Choose a door with windows on one side only.

Notice that the surrounding gray color softens up the black. It looks gorgeous, but it doesn’t stand out too much.

4. Rustic Elements

Rustic Door Elements

So far, we have black and white. Can you use other colors for the garage? Of course. This one here is a great example of color play.

The rustic elements of the door bring warmth, while the blue color of the double garage brings a soft contrast, making the overall look more appealing.

5. Go with Blue

Blue garage door

The next on our garage door ideas list is to go with blue. What color goes well with light blue? Well, a lot, but navy blue looks incredibly good.

The navy blue provides a nice contrast to the bright red bricks. The light blue softens the contrast, making the house exterior looks lively without looking like a sore thumb.

6. DIY Door

DIY Garage Door

Just because you want to upgrade your house’s street appeal doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Remember, there’s always a DIY way to do your project.

Of course, that applies to garage doors as well. A pair of barn doors like these do a good DIY project. They look good, save space, and are cheap.

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7. Play with Patterns

Patterns garage door

What if you want to play with patterns? That’s a good idea, too. Notice the gray garage door here.

It has repeating patterns that, while subtle, add interesting visual cues to the house’s street appeal. Plus, it is harmonious with the gray color of the house.

Those are our 7 garage door ideas. Which one do you think fits your garage door the most? Or perhaps you have come up with your own idea?

The best garage door is one that complements the overall style of a house exterior. It doesn’t stand out. Rather, it completes and adds harmony.

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