25+ Brilliant Garage Wall Ideas, Design and Remodel Pictures

Some garage wall ideas are needed by garage owner. When talking about a garage, mostly it relates to masculinity. I agree, most men activities are done in a garage. It’s because automotive is just men’s thing.

Men may feel anxious about having a dull and drab garage. So, they decide to give character and more souls into the interior design. They tend to match it with their vehicle collection or just their own style.

I guess, you, as a masculine man, need to stay on this page to explore ideas for designing your garage to be much more impressive and interesting. You can either choose to apply the new color of paint or decorate it with some functional accessories and decoration.

Most garages you can find in houses just a wrap up of construction that leaves the garage to be unfinished just as the basement does. In this page, we’ll provide you with some creative ideas you can apply in your own garage.

There are two things you could do to get a new and improved garage. As said before, they are painting and placing functional decoration. The garage wall ideas we provide here will be about both of them.

Red Painted Garage Wall Ideas

external garage wall ideas

Choosing bold red as the main color of the wall is quite popular in a garage design. It’s become trending because of the Ferrari brand. Everybody knows when dealing with automotive, red is the color of Ferrari.

The designer of this garage decided to combine red with white color. While another designer would try to avoid white paint in a garage because it would be easy to get dirty. I guess this garage can manage to be always clean because of its use.

If you need a garage just to park your vehicle, this could be a good choice. If the garage is also used for your private workshops. I personally wouldn’t recommend bright-colored paint.


This is perfect for a showroom or clean garage concept. The light color combination making this garage feels comfortable for vehicle and also for a human.


We all agree that the color combination is not ideal for a garage that is also functioned as a workshop.

Dark-Bricked Garage Wall Ideas

garage interior wall ideas

In this garage, the masculinity is overload. The look and texture of the wall are so masculine and strong. This is a perfect ambiance you could build a garage. It seems to be ready to work some vehicle up.

Some enlightened posters are just perfect on the wall. It adds decorative color to the mix. The addition of spotlights that go straight to the posters creates some dramatic effect to the background. You might need to manage the posters to be well-arranged and the light to be perfect.

The amount of lighting may seem to be not enough for a workshop. So, you need to install more bright lights to handle the services for your vehicles.


The dramatic effect of the garage wall makes a perfect background for your garage.


It’s too dark for a garage. More lightings are needed to brighten up the interior of the garage.

Blue-Painted Garage Wall Ideas

metal garage wall ideas

Who says blue is not matched with garage atmosphere. As you can see, blue can go well with garage. You just have to know how to combine it. This garage has a white ceiling and checkered flooring that is marked with blue for parking the vehicles.

The size of the garage is quite large to be placed with four small cars. The checkered design of flooring is always good with garage. In order to get the blue wall more interesting, the owner decided to put some pictures to balance the atmosphere.


It’s a pretty unique color choice for a garage. Blue would make the atmosphere more soothing than a garage could ever have.


Make sure you have a matched vehicle color with the wall. If you don’t have such vehicles, then the color would look weird and negatively unusual.

Orange Garage Wall Ideas

garage wall ideas good

If red or blue is not enough for you, you can go unique in an extreme way with orange color. The owner is really brave for painting the wall orange.

It’s not usual for a garage because of its brightness. Orange brings a warm and energetic feeling to the ambiance. It can great and bad at the same time.

It’s great because it’s unique and bright, it also brings an energetic feeling to get your in a mood to do your thing in the garage workshop. It’s bad because having a warm color in a garage is not necessary, it also decreases the sense of masculinity of the owner.

As you can see, the concept of the ceiling and the flooring looks perfect for a workshop. It looks like you are having your own professional workshop. Make sure you provide all the tools you need to work something for your vehicle.


As said before, the bravery of the owner is commendable. Orange would give energy into the garage.


Orange color has no masculinity. So, you won’t get the masculine charm inside your garage.

Finished Garage Wall Ideas with Balancing Red Line

garage wall storage ideas

White and gray combination can’t be more interesting because those colors are in the same family. The neutral combination would look boring without any additions.

Thanks to the red line in the middle of the wall between the gray and white wall, it gives more interests to the garage design.

It’s just a small addition but it gives a huge impact on the garage. It would be more impressive if you have the finished floor that is designed to be suitable for the vehicle. The amount of lighting on the ceiling is also important to strengthen the appearance of the concept.

You may add some pictures, posters, shelves to get the garage wall less boring.


You can apply the concept easily to your own garage because it’s a simple one.


Even though it has a red line to add character to the mix, it still looks monotonous. The amount of the red paint is not enough.

DIY Garage Workshop Area

garage wall shelving ideas

Instead of dealing with paint color for the walls, you can just leave it in basic plain white and attach basic boards for tools on the wall, some storage shelves, and some old dressers. If you have an unused old dresser, you can decide to have it in your garage to store some of your tools.

If you use your garage as a workshop, this workshop area will be needed. In the center, all of the tools are well-organized. It would get you easy to decide which one you are about to use and put it right back where it should be.

You as the owner are the one to decide whether you want to make your workshop clean and neat, or just leave it cluttering all over the area. Make sure everything is clean after you’ve done with the workshop activity in order to manage a neat look.


If you love doing your thing with the vehicle, you just need to have the tools to be reachable. Well, this is the best solution you could have, all the most used tools are efficiently placed.


With too many stuff being showcased on the workshop wall, this stuff would be easy to get messy. That would make it looks dirty and uncomfortable for everyone.

Storage Cabinets for Garage Wall Ideas

garage wall color ideas

For you who can’t get enough with storages in your large garage, this is a good option. You can cover the whole one side of the wall to be filled with cabinets or cupboards. The storages are your wall, you can choose one side of the wall to be taken by a lot of cabinets.

It appears to have some various size. It can be based on the stuff you’ll put inside it. There’s no way to leave the tools and materials cluttering the floor, all of them are hidden inside the cabinet. With neat and clean cabinet design, no one would see where your tools are.

This type of cabinets design can also be the coverings of the wall. You can cover the ugly wall surface that would cost a lot to recover.

Sometimes, people get some difficulties in finding the items they need in such a large cabinet with a lot of doors. So, you may need to stick some name tags on the door.


In case you need cover one whole side of the wall in your garage, this option would be functional. All of the items relating to the garage work can be hidden away from sight.


Too many doors in a large cabinet, it looks monotonous and creates a boring pattern all over the wall.

Slatwall Panel Garage Wall Ideas

garage wall ideas good

Another wall covering idea for your garage interior. It only needs a medium density fiberboard (MDF) to create an overlapping layer that you could use to nail down some hooks to hang all of the things including your children’s bike.

You can have one side of the wall to be the one that is used as hanging storages. You can attach almost anything like brooms, in-line skate, ladder, helmets, etc. You can even attach some shelves to handle your boxed storages.

From here, the appearance of the base looks like vinyl exterior siding. This MDF board can be attached to stonework, drywall, or wood studs. Then, you can attach any number of hooks you need. All of them is visibly stored in one place.


It’s probably the most effective and efficient garage wall ideas for storages.


The clutters would be so obvious on the large wall. You need to organize it really wall in order to maintain a comfortable look.

Pegboard Garage Wall Ideas

external garage wall ideas

You may wanna know what pegboard is. It is a convenient means of maintaining mess off the garage floor. Pegboard is available in timber or steel too. You can use it as the element to cover the wall. It can also be used as the additional shelves for your workshop area.

If you already have an existing drywall with a furring strip, you will get enough space to install some hooks. Before installing the pegboard, you need to plan its wall. You have to decide what to do with the hooks you are about to attach.

The workshop would be so complete with this pegboard design to organize all of the items. The countertop can also be useful to be the working area. Make use all of the space available to maximize the appearance.


It seems like all of the space for storage are showcased. In addition, there are some boxes you can have to hide some stuff away.


You need to try hard to make it well organized because no matter how hard you work in organizing them, those items would look messy and too crowded.

Garage Wall Ideas for Corvette

garage wall shelf ideas

If you have been collecting some luxurious cars like Corvette, you might need to have this design for your garage. All of the colors in this garage are in tone.

It would be more stunning if you have a matching car colorThe designer specializes this garage only for Corvette cars.

As you can see there’s a BMW logo on the floor that indicates the brand of the car. The white and gray combination with a little bit of red to spice up the room seems perfect together.

The cabinets seem to be dominated all over the room’s wall. You won’t be confused in deciding where to put all of the tools anymore.


Having a garage design for a luxurious car need to be special. If you are in love with your car collection, you’ll feel that you need to make them all some special spots.


It’s too bright for a garage, you can’t turn it into a workshop.


Those garage wall ideas are easy to apply. The first 5 ideas are focusing on how you select the color combination for the garage. Then, the other 5s are focusing on the coverings, functional decorations, or storages.

Once you’ve decided on your garage’s new look, it’s important that you use the proper garage paint otherwise you may have issues down the road with chipping, peeling and stains.

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