7 Garage Workshop Layout Ideas for Various Garage Sizes

Though most garages are used to store cars, yard equipment, and tools, some homeowners start using their garage more than just storage. If you want to make your garage much more useful, you need some garage workshop layout ideas.

Working with professionals to build a workshop inside your garage will help you save money and time.

Also, you’ll achieve the best possible layout for your garage that will meet all your needs. However, you are free to do it yourself and get a garage workshop you desire.

1. Use The Back Wall of Your Garage

Use The Back Wall of Your Garage

If your garage has a small size, you will want to utilize the back wall to hang things or build shelves to store your things.

If possible, use fewer windows and doors so that you can maximize the use of the back wall. Use wood in a light color that is easier to work with and will make the room feel bigger.

2. Side Wall Layout for More Flexibility

Layout for More Flexibility

However, if the back wall in your garage has limited space due to the windows or doors, you may want to use the side wall layout.

The side wall usually is the longest wall that is continuous and ideally doesn’t have windows or doors. Arrange workbench, cabinets, shelving, and racks on the sidewall at home.

3. Maximize the Space with L Shaped Workshop

Maximize the Space with L Shaped Workshop

L-shaped garage workshop layout ideas are the best for you who are going to work on long-term projects such as building watercraft, restoring classic cars, or furniture making.

Long-term activities require floor space that is dedicated to working on the projects.

4. Overhead Storage to Expand Your Workshop

Overhead Storage to Expand Your Workshop

Overhead storage is a brilliant and the best layout if you need a lot of space to work.

This kind of storage allows you to leverage the floor and wall space to work on your projects much more comfortably. Consider using cabinets instead of shelving.

5. Use Workbench with Adjustable Shelves

Use Workbench with Adjustable Shelves

Consider using a built-in workbench that is completed with adjustable shelves.

This kind of workbench allows you to access the power tools much more easily, so all your mechanical projects can be done much faster.

6. Metal Baskets Are Better Storage

Metal Baskets Are Better Storage

Metal baskets are stronger and better for your garage. Those baskets will keep your woodworking supplies such as glue and sandpaper or various automotive supplies such as sealants, filters, and lubricants in plain reach and sight. 

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7. Illuminate Garage Space with LED Lights

Illuminate Garage Space with LED Lights

LED lamps are going to ensure that your workstations and workbench have the entire lighting they need.

The LED lamps will ease you in working on your projects and help you to work much more securely. Bright LED lamps will be useful to illuminate your small-sized garage.

Understanding the size and characteristics of your garage will help you choose the right garage workshop layout ideas.

Make sure you understand what you really need so you can find and apply the best layout for your own garage so you can work comfortably in your garage.

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