How Many Lumens Do I Need for Outdoor Lighting: 5 Lamp Installation Cases

Some houses seem to have brighter outdoor lighting than others. It depends on how many lumens the outdoor lighting uses. So, how many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting to make the surrounding look bright at night? Here, we have the explanation for you.

The Best Lumens for Path Lights

Say you have a path in the garden and want to put lights on it. It means you should ensure that the light is bright enough so people see the path. In this case, you need to install outdoor lights with up to 100 lumens.

The light seems to open the path once you turn the lamps at night. You can even see the difference between the path and other areas so you can walk through it comfortably.

Recommended Lumens for Step Lights

How about if you want to install outdoor lamps for the step route? It seems that you should use the lamp with up to 100 lumens.

You can see all the steps once you turn the light on. Due to the brightness level of this lumen, there will be fewer shadows around the steps. You can even see the difference between the area with the light and the dark areas.

Recommended Lumens for Floodlights

How many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting if I want to install a floodlight? Indeed, you need brighter lighting than the lighting for the path and steps.

In this case, you should prepare lights with up to 700 lumens to install floodlights with maximum lights. Just like the name, the light will flood the area once you turn it on. As a result, you can see everything even at night.

Recommended Lumens for Security Lights

It is the same case when you are about to install security lights around the house. The light should be bright enough so you can see everything, especially when something is moving around your yard.

In this project, you should install a security light with at least 700 lumens. Those who are moving around your yard will be shocked by the bright and sudden lights. You only have to install the lamps in the right spots.

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Underwater Lights

Do you want to see the condition of your pool or fish pond at night? If so, you can install underwater lamps. You don’t need to use high lumens in this project.

Lights from 200 to 400 lumens lamps are enough to help you see underwater at night. Imagine seeing your fish swimming around the pond at night. It feels so satisfying and relaxing, isn’t it?

So, the level of the lumens you need depends on the brightness you want and the purpose of the light. Security lamps are often produced in high lumens because the areas should be bright once you turn the lamp on.

Some lamps have low or medium lumens to give warm and relaxing effects. Indeed, it answers, how many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting? As a result, you get the best lighting just like you expect and get benefits from installing it.

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