How to Waterproof Outdoor Lights?

Maybe you are currently decorating your garden and thinking about adding outdoor lights to make your garden look beautiful. Therefore, you must have thought about how to waterproof outdoor lights, right?

In fact, almost all types of outdoor lights are designed as waterproof lights. So, check out the following explanation so you know how waterproof outdoor lights work.

Are Outdoor Lights Really Rainwater Resistant?

Outdoor lights are designed with a tighter lid, have a lower voltage and are resistant to temperature changes. In the USA, there are many best waterproof outdoor lights where the lights are equipped with a system called UL.

This system allows outdoor lights to work according to their environment. In the USA there are also three environmental ratings on lamps, namely dry, humid, and wet so if it says “wet rated” then you can use the lamp outdoors.

Not only that, the outdoor lamp also has an IP rating which indicates that the lamp is completely protected from dust and water or not. The IP rating consists of two numbers.

The first number indicates protection from sand and dust on a scale of 0-6. The second number indicates protection against water on a scale of 0-8. The higher the number, the greater the protection.

So to find the type of outdoor lamp or not, you only need to buy a lamp that has a UL list and is wet rated. These lights can be multi-colored led waterproof outdoor lights or even battery powered waterproof outdoor lights.

Are There Any Other Tips for Making Outdoor Lights Last Longer?

How to waterproof outdoor lights? Actually, there are main tips related to outdoor lights, that is you can make your outdoor lights more durable by installing them in a fairly protected place such as at the bottom of the roof terrace.

If indeed you can’t do this because there is no roof that can protect the outdoor light, then you can install the light on the wall and near the door.

Another tip is that you have to choose a lamp that is quite heavy. Why? Because the heavier the outdoor lamp, the greater its power. If the power is large, then the lamp is resistant to wind.

Heavy lamps can also be more resistant to water getting into the inside of the lamp because the problem of water seeping into the lamp is the biggest problem with exterior lamps.

Also Make Sure You Seal Outdoor Lights Properly: How To Do It?

Making sure that the outdoor lights are properly sealed is an important thing that you must do. The reason is, if it is not sealed properly then there may be a possibility for the outdoor light to be damaged. The damage can come from water infiltration into the interior of the lamp or insects that enter it.

To seal the outdoor lights, you only need to add waterproof silicone around the lights. Make sure that the lamp tube is installed in the right and safe position when you install the silicon around it.

How? Now all your questions about how to waterproof outdoor lights have been answered, right? Of course, now you are ready to install outdoor lights in your home.

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