How to Clean a Green Pool in 7 Easy Steps

How to Clean a Green Pool – A pool with green water is just unsightly to look at. The good news is, you can clean the pool yourself. But how do you do it?

If you want to know how to clean a green pool, you came to the right place. Here in this post, we tell you how to do it step by step.

Remove Debris

clean debris in the pool

The first step is to clean debris in the pool. How much debris in the pool depends on how long has your pool has been stagnant.

Why should you remove debris in the pool? Because it can mess up the chemical testing and reduce the effectiveness of the shock process.

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Test the Water

how to clean a green pool without a pump

After the pool is clean of debris, test the water. Testing the water is necessary to determine how you will get the water back into equilibrium.

When the chlorine level drops to under 1 ppm, algae might grow in the pool. The ideal chlorine level for a pool is 2ppm.

Balance the Chemistry

winterized pool turning green

The third step on our how to clean a green pool guide is to balance the chemistry. There are three measurements you need to get right: cyanuric acid (CYA), pH, and free chlorine.

Aim to get between 30 to 60 ppm CYA level and between 7.5 and 7.8 pH level.

How to Clean a Green Pool: Shock It

how to clean a green pool without chemicals

After CYA and pH levels are on the ideal ranges, you can shock the pool. Shocking here is basically pouring liquid chlorine to a certain level to kill algae.

If your pool has a CYA level of 30 ppm, you will need 12 ppm of free chlorine to shock it.

Vacuum and Run the Filter

how to fix cloudy green pool water

It might take several days for the shocking process to finish, depending on the algae in the pool. During this time, vacuum and brush your pool every day.

Brush the walls to dislodge any algae. Vacuum the bottom of the pool that has settled on it. Run the filter after.

Deep Clean the Filter

how to clean a green pool quickly

During the first day of the shocking, make sure to deep clean the filter. Alga can build up in the filter and later on cause regrowth.

So, do clean it thoroughly. If the shocking process takes several days, deep clean the filter every day so there isn’t any algae buildup.

Overnight Chlorine Lost Test

how to clean a green pool fast

Next, do an overnight chlorine loss test. Test the chlorine level after sunset and test again before sunrise on the next day.

If it has dropped by less than 1 or stayed the same, you have passed the test. If not, you will need to shock the pool again.

That’s how to clean a green pool. Keep in mind that cleaning a pool will take time. However, once you are done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment as your previously green pool is now clean blue.

After the cleaning process is done, make sure that the chlorine level has dropped down to the pool’s normal range.

Shocking, after all, shocks the balance of pool chemistry. Make sure that it returns to balance before letting anyone swim in the pool. We hope this helps and good luck!

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