Guide on How to Put On a Duvet Cover Easily

How to put on a duvet cover? Many people asked this question because this bed cover is well-known for its difficulty to put on your bed. Without proper knowledge and skill, you might never be able to get it on your bed.

However, you have no worries because we have this article for you. Here, you will learn two methods of putting on a duvet cover easily. These two are the California Roll Method and the Traditional Method. Let’s see how those two are being done.

The California Roll Method

We call it the burrito method. It is because when you use this method, the duvet cover will look like a folded burrito. Let’s start on how to do this California Roll Method for a duvet cover.

  • Flip the duvet cover inside out and put it on the foot of the bed,
  • Put the insert on top of the cover and make sure the edges match the corners neatly,
  • Grab the edge of the opposite side of the duvet cover opening,
  • Once you grab the edge, roll it tightly. It might be slightly misaligned; however you can adjust it as you go,
  • Next, grab the end of the roll and open the cover while turning the inside out and match it with your bed shape,
  • Lastly, unfold the rolled cover to finish the process. Make sure you straighten the cover while covering the bed.

The Traditional Method

How to Put On a Duvet Cover

How to put on a duvet cover with the traditional method? It is similar to the first method, but you start by placing the cover on the bed. Here is how you do it:

  • Place the cover on the bed,
  • Turn the inside cover out before you place it on the bed, and then line up the corner, so the opening is at the bed foot,
  • Grab the top corner of the cover from inside the duvet cover. Choose the edge at the foot of the bed first,
  • Keep holding the corner and lift the cover, then slide it down to cover the insert.
  • Lastly, pat the cover gently and straighten it neatly.

Things to Remember about the Method

Those two methods might be difficult to do without practice. Therefore, you might not be that successful when you try it for the first time. But, if you keep doing it regularly, putting on a duvet cover won’t be any stressful routine you have at your home.

Why Use Duvet Cover

Why Use Duvet Cover

Duvet cover has many benefits. It is more comfortable than other types of bedding. Moreover, it also comes with an insert and outer part, which will become something like a blanket. Its two layers also give you a fluffier bed cover.

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So, we have explained two methods to put a duvet cover on your bed. We hope they will help you to do this troublesome and complicated task.

Now, if you have friends or family that also wants to know about how to put on a duvet cover, you know the method and how to explain that without problems.

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