7 Excellent Victorian Gothic Bedroom Ideas

GripElements.com – Many interior designs confuse people who need to choose the best one for their house. One of the unique interior designs is Victorian gothic, which is a combination between Victorian interior and gothic style. Many people want to try Victorian gothic bedroom design. Is it the right one for you?

The Victorian room is heavily decorated with chintz china, large houseplants, pictorial tapestries, colored tiles, pattern wallpaper, and rich furnishings. And when it meets the gothic style, dark colors join the characteristic.

1. Black and Grey Bedroom

ictorian gothic features

Many Victorian gothic rooms have black as the major color. If you want to get a Victorian gothic room, use grey as the main color with black for the ornaments.

Use black ideas only for the long artistic bench, black statues for the ornaments on the corner of the room, or black curtains for the huge windows.

2. Add Red to The Room

victorian gothic facts

When decorating a Victorian gothic room, you need something stunning that makes the room far from boring.

Consider placing a furniture piece in a bold color like a red bedside table. It will automatically be the focal point of the room. Something cool like the lighting plant in a vase will also be the focus.

3. Gothic But Royal at Once

gothic victorian style bedroom

Victorian design is outstanding and identical to elegance. But dark colors you apply in the room may fade the elegance out.

Bring it back by adding royal colors like purple into the room. Spread the color on the linens like on the curtains and throw blankets on the bed. It is enough to bring back elegance.

4. Luxurious Victorian Gothic Bedroom

gothic victorian bedroom furniture

Make your Victorian bedroom look more luxurious by spreading some touches of gold into the room. Combine black, gold, and white to create luxury.

Gold and black on the bed, on the curtains, and on some ornaments. Paint the walls of your bedroom white to neutralize the room.

5. Victorian Bedroom With Awesome Patterns

victorian gothic bedroom decor

To accentuate the gothic style inside the room, you need to consider adding some patterns on the wall, bedding, and floor.

Choose patterns that are identical to gothic décor. Those patterns are going to strengthen the touch of gothic even though they’re in light colors like baby blue or yellow.

6. It Can Be Romantic Too

victorian gothic bedroom set

How can a Victorian gothic room feel romantic? By adding something pink to the room. Valentine, the most romantic day, is identical to pink.

By adding a touch of pink to the room, you will get a romantic atmosphere. Also, decorate your bedroom with some candles to make it more romantic.

7. Small Victorian Gothic Room

victorian gothic bedroom ideas

You can use the Victorian gothic style in your small bedroom. Paint the walls white but place a pole bed in black inside the room.

Keep the other Victorian gothic furniture pieces close to the bed. Decorative wall lamps are going to strengthen the Victorian gothic interior. Don’t forget the chandelier.

When decorating your Victorian gothic bedroom, keep in mind that dark colors and rich furnishings are the keys. Add some patterns on the wall and floor to make your room more Victorian.

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