IKEA Desk Hack: 7 Creative Hack Ideas You Want to Try

You are planning to make a working desk at home. Yet, you are constrained by space and/or money. What can you do? Here’s one: try IKEA desk hack.

We created a list of creative hacks for you to help you create a desk that fits not only your needs but also your style.

What Is IKEA Desk Hack?

But first, let’s talk about the hack. What is it? Put it simply, what we meant by hack here is using parts of IKEA building components (for example, trestle legs, tabletops, drawers, and so on) to create a desk.

There are plenty of ways to do such hacks. Below, we have 7 hack ideas that you can try.

1. Full Office Setup

best ikea desk hack ideas

Yes, you can build a full office set with a hack. An Alex desk as the main desk, a small Lack side table as the printer stand, an Alex drawer as a makeshift table leg on the side, and Kallax shelving as extra storage. It has more than enough.

2. For Him and Her

Best IKEA Desk Hack Design

If you and your spouse both need a working desk at home, why not make one that you two can share? What you need are two Alex drawers and a long tabletop as the desk.

Then, add a small drawer in the middle to separate the two desks.

3. Minimalist but Still Stylish

Minimalist ikea desk ideas

This desk here shows how a desk hack can be stylish too. The black drawers not only become the support for the wooden tabletop but also allow it to stand out.

The aged, distressed looks of the chairs and wall decoration make it better. Simple? Yes. Stylish? Also yes.

4. For a Small Space

Best IKEA desk hack for small space

This IKEA desk hack is for those who are constrained by space and/or money. It just needs a pair of trestle legs and a tabletop.

That’s all you need to create a compact desk. The best thing about it? It can be placed anywhere, including small spaces and corners.

5. Keep It Simple

Simple ikea desk setup

Want to go simple? That’s a good idea too. Grab a black trestle leg, a black Alex drawer, and a wide wooden tabletop.

There you have it. A simple working desk with plenty of storage. In case you use a dual monitor setup, consider adding a mount to save space.

6. Around the Corner

Corner ikea hack design

You can create an L-shaped desk as well. Notice the desk here consists of two separate tabletops instead of a single, L-shaped desk.

The space underneath is empty, providing ample legroom for comfort. The Kallax shelving above is a nice addition for showcasing memorabilia or other decorations.

7. Corner Office with Floating Shelves

Floating ikea desk ideas

This desk is similar to the previous one but it looks less blocky, thanks to the black Bekant corner tabletop. The contrast between the tabletop and drawers create an interesting contrast.

That’s right, the hack is not only practical but aesthetical, too. The floating shelves above are nice additions.

Of course, the above are just some examples. The beauty of the hack is that you can create a desk to your liking, and with so many building components available, there are virtually limitless ways to do it. So, are you ready to try an IKEA desk hack?

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