Is Cedar The Best Wood For Siding?

As a homeowner, you sometimes think about changing the facade of the house, or protecting the existing exterior, changing the interior — implementing a modern design, siding comes to the rescue for this.

Siding is a durable building material used to cover the facades of buildings or as a decorative tool. In most cases, siding refers to panels made of vinyl, metal or wood, which are used in both exterior and interior work. Such panels are attached to a special bar made of an aluminum profile or wooden bars.

The technology of facing with siding allows you to also perform the function of insulation — a heat-insulating material is placed between the facade and the siding, which allows you to store heat in the room.

Nowadays, people are for rational consumption, reducing the use of plastic, consumers are drawn to environmentalism and houses made of natural wood look exquisite and have a unique charm.

Is The Wooden Siding A Good Option?

Is Cedar The Best Wood For Siding

The technical characteristics of wooden siding, which affect the quality of the cladding, depend on the main factor — the type of wood.

This affects the strength of the cladding and the ability to resist external aggressive factors (rain, snow, wind).

Wooden siding can be made from different types of wood, but not all of them can be used for a long time in outdoor conditions. The most optimal types of wood for finishing the house are called:

  • Larch is a strong wood that can withstand all the effects of nature (snow, frost, rain). But it has a negative factor, if something is not done according to the technology, then the tree can crack. Requires constant care for long-term operation.
  • Cedar wood siding — this type of wood is considered a brand, has antibacterial qualities that allow it not to rot and successfully resist moisture. It has a wide range of applications.
  • Composite wood — the structure of wood is similar to MDF. It is difficult to distinguish it from natural wood, externally the board repeats the pattern and structure of natural wood. This type of panel is durable.

Cedar wood siding enjoys its popularity primarily in the construction of luxury housing, wooden log cabins, expensive yachts, construction of piers, baths, as well as sheathing bathrooms, terraces, balconies.

The facades of residential buildings and interiors are sheathed with strong panels, which give aesthetics with their texture, elegance and a certain style.

The Advantages of Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar wood is used for flooring in residential premises, but due to its low density, it is not used for the construction of stairs and fields in office premises where there are always a large number of people.

Cedar panels are durable and not prone to rotting. They are considered one of the most durable materials made of wood, equal in strength to metal.

Cedar is not affected by mold. It does not cause burns when heated and does not release resin. This is a very valuable material in construction.

Ever since cedar wood became commercially available, these panels have remained among the most desired, making it the best wood for siding in every aspect. Cedar wood siding cost can depend on the quality of wood as well as the work of a qualified team.

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