Are Storage Shed Shutters Necessary? Read More

Storage shutters are essential for added security, keeping the interior cool in the summer and protecting it from rain, wind, and snow during the cold months. Colored shutters make the look more appealing and provide an engaging topic in your backyard.

At Take a Yard, we think adding shutters to your shed might be a good idea. So, let’s take a closer look at this topic: “are storage shed shutters necessary?” and discover why and how to do it.

Do you really need shutters for your cottage garden?

Are storage shed shutters necessary? A shutter isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s very useful. If you have a storage cottage with windows, a set of shutters can help in many ways.

First, security. The storeroom is easier to invade than the house, and the weak point is the glass window. Using a pair of shutters can be a good deterrent, especially if you can lock them at night. It can also be used to hide what’s inside. Shutters act like blinds if you don’t want to see your collection of expensive tools.

Then you can keep the coop cool by turning off the lights. Close the shutters during the day to prevent the shed from overheating. This is especially important when acting as a workshop. If the cabin window is open, choose louvered shutters.

This means the windows can be opened, but the shutters are closed and the wind is still blowing—the best of both worlds. If you live in an area that experiences high winds or hurricanes and you don’t want to blow debris off your windows, storm shutters are a must.

And the curtains look really nice. Cottages aren’t always the best-looking buildings. A pair of attractive shutters add a nice feature.

Should the blinds be longer than the windows?

Unlike blinds, curtains should not be longer than the window. Window shutters should measure the window casing (glass). This is due to the idea of enclosing this area and covering the glazed part. This gives it an elegant and fun look.

Even if you’re making decorative blinds that never close, each shutter should be half the size of the casing. Otherwise, the final look will be annoying. You may not know why it didn’t work, but you know it doesn’t look good.

The exception to this is when installing storm shutters. Usually made of metal or polycarbonate, the simplest designs are stored in a box above the window and rolled up like a curtain when needed, which is of course larger than the window.

Also available are traditional storm shutters that look like wood but are made of aluminum and follow the classic design to match the inner frame size.

How much is a shutter and is it worth it?

Now know the answer to your question about are storage shed shutters necessary. Then, how much does the shutter cost? It’s not an expensive purchase. You can buy a 9″ x 27″ storage shutter for less than $20 on Amazon.

These are made of UV-resistant plastic and come in a variety of colors. These are basic shutters without proper vents. However, if you want a quick and cheap solution, this is a good option.


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