7 Low Ceiling Loft Bed Ideas in Different Rooms

GripElements.com – A compact interior is now everyone’s favorite. Newlywed couples who are voluntarily childless want a small compact house with one bedroom or a loft bed in the interior. If you are looking for the same house, then consider these low ceiling loft bed ideas for your interior.

1. Simpler Loft Bed Above the Living Space

bedroom low ceiling ideas

This idea comes from a super tiny house with an extra low ceiling. If you are trying to build the same house, then pick some low sofas for the living space under the loft bed. Place a low bed on the loft so there will be enough space for you to sleep comfortably on it.

Adding a small window on the loft bed is essential so that the bed area won’t be too dark. Pick the same color for your bed and the sofa.

2. A Bed with A Small Office

low ceiling attic bedroom ideas

The next loft bedroom idea is for you who need to combine a bed with a small home office.

Build a small working spot under the loft and then use low stairs to ease you into accessing the loft bed. Use white paint for the walls so the small room and low ceiling won’t feel too small.

Use wooden furniture for the home office to match the wooden stairs to access the bedroom area on the loft.

3. Low Ceiling Loft Bed Ideas with Lots of Windows

low ceiling loft bed with desk

Sometimes, white color isn’t enough to make your bedroom area feel spacious. You also need to add some windows on the wall and ceiling of the loft.

This way, natural light will come in and reflect the white color to make your bedroom feels bigger. Just make sure you add some blinds to those windows.

4. A Loft Bed with Minimalist Stairs

low ceiling loft bed

The presence of stairs is essential so that you access your bed easily. But if your room is narrow and it is impossible to add bulky stairs, install minimalist stairs on the wall of your room.

However, you need to make sure that it is easy to get into the bed from the stairs on the wall.

5. A Transparent Wall for The Bed

low loft bed ideas

Your loft beds will also feel more spacious with a transparent wall surrounding the bed. Since the bed is going to be visible, you need to match the theme of your loft bed with the sofa set and home office you place under the loft.

6. A Bed Above the Kitchen

low ceiling loft ideas

This house has a small kitchen with a small space for a bed above it. Since you are going to use the room to cook and sleep at once, make sure there is enough ventilation to let the smoke out and the fresh air gets into the room. Add a fan to help clean the air inside the room.

7. Minimalist House with Loft Bed

small room loft bed ideas for low ceiling

This minimalist house is leveraging the space above the bathroom as a bedroom. If you are trying to adopt this idea, add wooden fencing so that you can sleep safely above the bathroom. Don’t forget the ceiling window for extra light.

Which one of the seven low ceiling loft bed ideas will be a great idea for your house? Talk to your designer and he’ll help you choose.

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