7 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

As the temperatures rise, ensuring your commercial AC unit is running correctly becomes even more critical. You need a comfortable workspace for your colleagues or family members, and having properly functioning air conditioning in businesses is necessary year-round.

To help make sure your commercial air conditioning system stays in top shape. We’ve compiled seven essential tips to follow when it comes to regular maintenance of the unit. Read on to find out what they are so you can keep cool this summer and beyond.

Here are seven tips for maintaining your commercial air conditioning unit:

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

commercial air conditioning unit

Keeping your systems for commercial buildings in top shape is easy when you take advantage of scheduled maintenance. With regular maintenance at least once a year, technicians can clean out your AC unit and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

For businesses with especially heavy usage, more frequent visits might be needed, but with regular maintenance, you can ensure that your systems are running at peak performance. Scheduling regular maintenance is an important part of preserving the life of your systems.

2. Change the Air Filter if Needed

Keeping your air filter clean is essential for running your commercial AC efficiently. However, a clogged air filter can cause extra strain on the unit and increase energy costs, so be sure to check it frequently and change it when necessary.

Depending on the type of filter you have, you may need to do this every few months or once a year. But it’s definitely worth regularly doing to keep your AC functioning optimally. Plus, who doesn’t love saving some money on energy bills?

3. Keep the Area Around the Unit Clear

One key to keeping your commercial AC unit running its best is simple: keep the area around it clear. Make sure there are no bushes or debris blocking airflow, which could make your air conditioner work harder than necessary.

To ensure proper ventilation, be sure you’ve left at least two feet of space between the unit and any walls or surrounding items. Taking these small steps can go a long way in helping your commercial AC run its peak performance.

4. Inspect the Unit Regularly

It’s essential to make sure your AC unit is in top shape, so whatever you do, don’t neglect regular inspections. You should be looking for any visible signs of wear and tear or damage that could suggest something is wrong with your equipment.

Even the most minor issue can end up causing serious and expensive problems if it’s not addressed quickly. If you spot anything unusual – maybe leaks or strange noises are coming from the unit. Contact a professional right away so they can help fix the problem before it causes any significant damage.

5. Maintain Your Unit Clean

Maintain Your AC Unit Clean

Keeping your commercial AC unit clean is essential to ensure it runs efficiently. Without regular cleaning, dust and dirt can accumulate on the coils and other components of the unit, which can cause it to work harder than needed.

Thankfully, keeping your unit in tip-top shape doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is grab a soft brush or cloth and gently wipe away any debris from the coils and other accessible parts. Doing this will ultimately help save money on utility bills through improved efficiency.

6. Avoid Making Repairs Yourself

Trying to repair a commercial AC unit on your own is never a good idea. These systems are incredibly intricate, and if you were to make a mistake, it could make your unit’s performance worse or even lead to injury.

So, if you’re having anything more than minor issues, it’s best to contact an HVAC technician who can accurately diagnose and fix any problem. A reliable tech can help extend your unit’s longevity and efficiency while ensuring its complete safety.

7. Hire a Professional Technician

No matter how much experience you have in air conditioning maintenance, sometimes it’s just too difficult to handle alone. When this is the case, it’s best to call a professional technician to lend a hand.

Not only will they take care of any issues with your commercial A/C unit, but they can also offer more in-depth advice than you might find on the internet. So if you’re ever having trouble maintaining your A/C system, rely on professionals who know what they’re doing–trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Having a functioning commercial air conditioning unit is essential to keep your business running. By following these seven tips, you can help ensure that yours runs optimally and stays in tip-top shape.

From changing the air filter regularly to hiring a technician when necessary, taking the time to properly maintain your AC system will be well worth it.

After all, having a well-functioning system can help save money on energy bills and extend the life of your unit. So don’t wait – start taking care of your commercial air conditioning today.

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