8 Types of Rugs with Different Characteristics

GripElements.com – If this is your first time purchasing a rug, then you may want to learn about the different types of rugs. When you are choosing the best rug for your interior, there are three things to consider. Those things are budget, placement, and style. You should also need to understand the available types.

1. Polyester and Microfiber Rugs

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Microfiber is a synthetic rug. The major material of this rug is polyester. This rug comes in various patterns you can mix and match with your interior.

The making of this microfiber rug involves tiny thread strands that allow the rug to provide a plush feel.

2. Types of Rugs: Polypropylene

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Other materials to make a rug are viscose, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Those rugs are thinner than the ones made of wool.

However, these thin rugs still feel so soft. Polypropylene rugs are the best ones for those who have fewer budget for the rugs.

3. The Faux One

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This one is for people who want something aesthetic but don’t want to have real animal hide. Consider getting a faux fur or faux hide rug for your interior.

This type of faux usually is made of synthetic blends along with acrylic. It is perfect to make your interior looks more luxurious.

4. Types of Rugs: Leather

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These rugs are from animals’ hides. If you want a luxurious ornament for the floor or your interior has an awkward room or small space, consider getting a leather or sheepskin rug.

Those who want to use this type of rug must know that leather rugs require regular wash and treatment.

5. Bamboo and Jute Rugs

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Looking for natural designs? Bamboo and jute are the most natural materials for rugs. They can bring a coastal vibe to your interior.

Those are also great options for an interior that needs more texture. The economical price of those rugs makes bamboo and jute rugs more interesting.

6. Types of Rugs: Cotton

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Cotton rugs are playful and inexpensive. They are a budget-friendly option if you cannot afford silk or wool rugs. But cotton rugs may fade more quickly and won’t repel stains.

You can place a cotton rug in casual spaces. Consider changing the rug when the season changes to make the room more special.

7. Silk Rugs

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The best position for your silk rugs is in low-traffic spaces. It is because silk rugs are super delicate and hard to clean. Silk rugs are usually soft to the touch, fine, and thin.

Those who cannot afford silk rugs usually get viscose and rayon rugs. Those types of rugs are alternatives for silk.

8. Wool Rugs

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What makes wool rugs special is not only the textures. Those rugs hold color amazingly and you can clean them easily.

However, the price of this rug is higher than other rugs. Wool rugs also require regular treatment like vacuuming.

The eight types of rugs above are going to make your interior more luxurious, natural, or playful, depending on the material you choose.

Before picking the best rug for your interior, make sure that you know what your interior needs, and then choose the best rug for the interior.

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