8 Gorgeous Types of Doors

GripElements.com – Doors have so many roles including reducing noise, defining rooms, and creating privacy. When it comes to choosing the right door for your home, you need to learn about the different types of doors first.

At least there are eight door types you need to know before you start shopping.

1. Dutch Doors

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This is an exterior door you can choose for your entryway. The door is split in half so that you can operate the bottom and top independently.

These doors are perfect for kitchens since the top part will let in the air. You can also use it for the patio to let your kids or pets out.

2. Types of Doors: French

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French doors are timeless. These are the double doors that are usually made of glass panes. You can open the doors inward independently or together.

Usually, people use French doors as exterior doors. The glasses in these doors give a lot of sunlight to the interior.

3. Sliding Doors

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Other famous types of doors are sliding doors. These doors will unite your rooms since you can use them as exterior doors and interior doors.

As exterior doors, use them on the side or back of your house so you can access the deck and patio. As interior doors, they are perfect for closets and pantries.

4. Bifold Doors

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These are lightweight doors you must fold to open them. As you fold your bifold doors, they will slide open.

These doors are perfect for kitchens, utility rooms, and closets. Modern bifold doors with steel frames and glass are the best option to separate your interior from your patio.

5. Pocket Doors

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These types of doors work in the same way as sliding doors. However, there is a pocket in the wall that is hiding the door leaf when you slide it open.

These doors are excellent to cover bathrooms, closets, and also powder rooms. To use these doors, you need to make a hole or pocket in your wall.

6. Pivot Doors

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Pivot doors are the best option for owners of modern houses. When you open the doors, they will rotate on the bottom and top of the door.

The panel of pivot doors will blend with the design of the wall. Many materials are available for pivot doors. The frame should be able to support heavier loads.

7. Types of Doors: Saloon

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Today, these doors are less famous than other types. However, these are tactical doors to consider. saloon doors will let your interior get enough fresh air since it works as ventilation.

They will also cover everything in your interior. You can walk through these doors easily, thanks to the bi-directional hinges.

8. Roller Doors

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Or overhead doors are the most famous garage doors. But now many people use roller doors as their interior doors. These doors don’t need much space. Many materials are available so you can match the door with the style of your house.

The most famous types of doors are the eight doors above. You must learn about each door to find the right one for your exterior and interior.

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