Pros and Cons of Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

Metal buildings with living quarters are comfortable buildings for living. Metal buildings are metal structures that have steel or metal for the frame or internal support. The steel or metal material is also used to build the buildings’ outside covering.

Metal building became popular in the early 20th century. People chose the metal buildings because metal buildings are affordable.

Constructing metal houses today is also cheaper than building a conventional or regular house. Besides, it is very easy to customize the metal material.

Understanding the Advantages of Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

There are a bunch of benefits you will get by using metal structure. Wood or concrete that is used to frame the house structure may come with numerous modification problems.

Metal likewise, will supply security and resistance and it requires low maintenance. Below are some other benefits you can find.

1. More durable than conventional buildings

Advantages of Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

Steel is an extremely long lasting material. This material is seismically stable and is able to hold up against the wind that accelerates up to 150 miles per hour.

Steel is also flame retardant. Rodents can’t chew through metal material easily.

Besides, metal components and buildings need very little maintenance. But with little maintenance, components and buildings made of metal can last for many years.

You can count on metal buildings even if you live in zone 4 or another area where the seismic activity is in the greatest classification.

2. Metals require less time to construct

Metals require less time to construct

Pre-engineered or pre-fabricated structuresssssss made of steel will be produced once the builders have settled the strategies.

Once the metal buildings are produced, you can put them together, taken them apart, or rapidly reassembled them on the lot you have provided.

Materials that are easy to construct mean you can save labor expenses.

You don’t have to hire people who have unique abilities just to build metal structures since metal structures and buildings can be constructed easily by fewer people.

3. Metal buildings are more sustainable

Metal buildings are more sustainable

There is no harmful chemical used in the making of steel. Steel is made of carbon and iron with much smaller quantities of the other components that all are mixed according to the rigidity that is needed by the steel. Besides, steel can be recycled.

More than 85% of materials used to build steel are recycled products. steel doesn’t need any extra processing step to be recycled.

You can simply use steels over and over again endlessly. The strength of the steel won’t change a bit.

4. Metal buildings are more flexible and easily expandable

Metal buildings are more flexible and easily expandable

You can think about a shape and design the metal building in that shape you desire. If your family grows, metal buildings can grow with you.

You can broaden the building quickly by using extra panels and framework. Making some new rooms will be much easier.

And when your family gets bigger and bigger, you can create a bigger space simply by repurposing the area as long as there is still space in the lot.

Repurposing an area is easier since metal buildings with living quarters are durable to alter in easy ways.

5. More energy efficient than the conventional ones

metal building’s cooling impact

Right now, metal frames already accommodate insulation. There will be a lot of space between the panels and the members.

Insulation is going to keep the building at a comfier temperature but doesn’t need too many requirements for a cooling and heating.

If you are interested in boosting the house’s cooling impact, consider using light colored or white roof panels.

Also, pick the reflective finishes that will also help you boost the metal building’s cooling impact. Those ways can help you get cooling impact in a less pricey way. See more heating and cooling systems for your home.


6. You can create a very personal metal house

very personal metal house

People are used to believing that metal buildings are impossible to customize. But you can create a design of the metal structure and then create the building that way.

Simply add some accessories to make the house look like what you have in mind.

You can create a home or a shop that looks like anything from a French Colonial that looks elaborate to a huge shed look.

Disadvantages of Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to the metal structure. You should understand the disadvantages so you can choose the best structure for your future home.

Understanding the drawbacks will help you compare which one is the best between the metal house and the standard one.

1. Metal houses can be attacked by the molds

Metal houses can be attacked by the molds

If you build a steel house in a cold environment, the steel will hold back the moisture.

Make sure your metal house gets insulation so that the moisture won’t stay in the metal frame. If the moisture stays, it is going to produce huge marks that are known as ghost marks.

The marks appear because of moisture content condensation. If the molds finally grow, they will make your house unhygienic and unhealthy.

The metal house will also smell and look awful. The process to clean the molds is time consuming and expensive.

2. Steel house may be unhealthy for some people

Molds smell really bad

If you or someone in the family has an allergy to finishing paint or to the metal itself, you better avoid the metal structure and opt for the conventional one.

Paint finish and metal may trigger irritation to many people who have allergies. The allergy can get worse if the molds appear.

Molds smell really bad so that they can impact the health of people living there.

If the ones who have allergic reactions get continuous exposure to the molds, their life can be threatened. Some signs of allergy include sudden asthma attack, coughing, sneezing, and fever.

3. Some people may feel unpleasant with metal house

steel materials was higher than lumber

In the past, the price of steel materials was higher than lumber. But today the price to build metal buildings with living quarters is equal to the price to build a lumber house.

But preparing a regular house made of steel can cost more than preparing a lumber house.

Metal houses must be built with accuracy and perfection. You can acquire both details by leveraging the help of some specialists.

Unfortunately, those specialists will come with higher costs. Steel houses also require you to use various bolting and screwing strategies which mean hiring pricey equipment.

4. Pay attention to the bills

Pay attention to the bills for metal house

Metal frames will carry out heat more than conventional houses. During the winter season, there will be no heat found in the metal house.

This means you’ll need to use the heater and this leads to higher heating expenses. You need to use the super insulation.

Super insulation is going to help the temperature in your metal building under control.

Unfortunately, the use of super insulation means you need to spend much more money. If you live in a cold area, building a metal house may not be a brilliant idea.

Unique Ideas for Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

What do you think about a metal house once you know everything about the advantages and disadvantages of this building?

If you are still interested in building a metal house, you will need some ideas or inspiration about the comfortable metal house for you and your beloved ones.

Check out some incredible ideas about metal houses and pick one that matches your lifestyle the most.

1. Two story metal houses

Two story metal houses

If you need lots of space for you and the other family members, a two story metal house will be the right idea. It has a living and a working place in one building.

You can use the lower floor as your working space and use the upper floor as your living space. This is a perfect combination.

The stairs can be installed inside the house but will be much better if you mount the stairs outside the house.

If you are not sure that metal can be so strong to support the building, involve bricks to be the base of your metal building. Bricks are more durable and sturdier than metal.

2. Metal buildings completed with terrace

Metal buildings completed with terrace

Whether you want it two story or single story, you can consider adding a terrace to your metal house.

If you don’t need any working space, then build a single story house and equip it with a terrace in front of the living space. Place a table set complete with some chairs that are made of wood.

The combination of metal material for the building and wooden material for the outdoor furniture will make your beautiful metal house look much more natural and incredible.

Complete the metal building with many windows so everyone inside the house can also get fresh air.

3. Metal house and outdoor living space

Metal house and outdoor living space

There is no rule that the living room should be inside the house. You can create an outdoor living space right in front of your metal buildings with living quarters.

If you are interested in trying this idea, make sure you build a shade in front of the building where your living space will be located.

This is a brilliant idea if you don’t want to bring your guests inside. Welcome and entertain all visitors outside. Create a comfortable outdoor living space.

If possible, mix the metal material of the house or building with natural stone and wood to make the building look much more welcoming.

4. Metal building with natural style

Metal building with natural style

Metal is one of many unnatural materials. But this material is able to blend in perfectly with nature. For example, you can use wood for the doors, windows, and their frames.

Use natural color for your metal house interior and exterior. For example, use green for the outside of metal houses.

If you want to add a terrace or porch in front of or behind the metal building, use woods since they are going to make your metal house look much more natural.

The natural sense will be stronger if the wood you use are in their natural color, not stained in modern colors.

5. Metal buildings with living quarters and two garage doors

living quarters and two garage doors

People say less is more. Apply those words to your metal house. Consider building a metal house that has a simpler look.

The simple look may come from the design of the metal building or from the color you choose to be applied on the metal house.

Two huge garage doors in neutral colors for example, are the best thing to bring a simple look to your garage door.

If you don’t use those garage doors to access the interior, equip the metal house with a specific door that heads to your living room.

6. Metal buildings with living quarters and balcony

living quarters and balcony

If you are designing a metal house, especially the two story one, consider adding a balcony to the house.

Can you imagine how it feels enjoying the fresh views outside while laying down one a couch in the balcony? Don’t forget to pick the best colors carefully so that your metal house will be cozier.

White is the best color for all houses. But it may make you feel bored after some time. Wood’s natural color will be a nice color to complement the white.

If there is green from the grass and plants around the house, the color combination will be perfectly natural.

7. Comfortable metal house with private pool

Comfortable metal house with private pool

Here comes a perfect idea if you have a lot of space to build a metal house. Design and build your dream metal house and complete the backyard with a private pool.

Some plants around the pool are going to make your backyard look much fresher and adorable.

If possible, build a porch between the interior and your outdoor pool. It is going to be a nice spot for the family and friends to spend time together.

If there are kids playing around, parents can keep their eyes on the kids and make sure the little ones are away from the pool.

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8. Unique metal house that looks rustic

Unique metal house that looks rustic

Metal houses are not always identical with an industrial look. This metal house that is inspired by a Japanese traditional house looks natural and rustic at once.

The nice grass and succulent outside meets the pebbles and together they accentuate the natural look.

The metal buildings with living quarters made of metal in rustic wooden color. It makes the landscape looks perfect and more beautiful than most steel or metal houses.

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