7 DIY Studio Desk Plans for the Coolest Music Station Ever!

Do you ever dream of having a personal music station in your home and host the best party ever? If you are more into music and planning to release your own album or simply want to host a festive night party, building a studio desk can be a good start. Fortunately, there are myriad DIY studio desk plans to inspire your mind.

You might be interested to purchase a store-bought music desk until you see the price tags. Creating your own desk allows you to customize the design as well as save pretty pennies.

If you are ready for the DIY project, scroll through the following studio desk plans and be inspired!

Make It Real

Studio Desk Ideas

Get the feeling of professional music studio with this desk plan. The large desk can accommodate sufficient gear and equipment for a fantastic music studio.

Reinforced by steel base, this console is sturdy enough for plenty of tools and devices. Not to mention this plan is easy to build.

Simple and Minimalist Recording Console

Simple and Minimalist Studio Desk

When your entertainment room does not have enough space for the large one, this small and minimalist console can be a great alternative.

The desk is brilliantly designed with cabinet bases and table top compartment to locate your music gear collection.

Custom Music Station

Custom Music Station Idea

The good thing about building a DIY desk is that you can customize and personalize the furniture as desired. This music station is built with base cabinets for heavy tools and tabletop compartment for smaller devices so that everything is within reach.

Your masterpiece can start from this creative studio desk.

Cool Blue Studio Desk

DIY Studio Desk

For your limited budget, this minimalist music console can give you some peace of mind. This mid-size console can sit nicely on your table or desk so you don’t need to spend more for the whole desk. To make it catchier, paint the console with blue or other shades.

Personalized Studio Desk

Personalized Studio Desk

Make your music recording moment more engaging with a personalized studio desk. This plan offers simple and easy design, allowing beginners to handle the project without difficulties.

Feel free to customize the style as well as size to suit your studio or entertainment room.

Professional Music Desk

Professional Music Desk Ideas

This is what a professional recording house has. You can copy the desk plan and build one for your home studio, of course with a little adjustment.

The music console is designed with three sections for different tools and controllers. This is what you need for an organized recording studio.

Simple yet Functional

DIY Studio Desk

If you are looking for a simple idea to build, this studio desk plan is worth your effort. The cross-legged music console fits your studio. Thanks to tabletop compartment and sliding drawer that allows you to save space when the desk is not in use.

Building a music station is not a big deal if you have brilliant studio desk plans. Which studio desk will you make for the upcoming project?

No matter which plan you like the most, all you need is basic woodworking project and a few tools. You can get a dream music console without draining your savings!

For your next DIY project, you can pickup some tools as your local hardware store or an online shop such as Stonex.

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