Modern Interior Design: What You Need to Know and How to Start Implementing It

Let’s say you are the owner of an apartment or house and will make the renovation soon. Where to start first? It should be noted that modern interior design differs significantly from those canons that were relevant 20-30 years ago.

Today’s trends are focused on opposed factors. Here’s what you need to know and to start implementing trendy features.

Contemporary Trends

Trendy design is a mix of German and Scandinavian traditions. Back in the 60s of the last century, industrialization aimed to provide people with affordable furniture, textiles, and household appliances.

Such goals were achievable solely through standardization and mass production.

The first thing you need to know is that the design is constantly evolving and changing. There are common features of standardization and minimalism, but the key concepts change every 5-7 years.

That is why modern design can look archaic in 20-30 years. However, there are some common features that you should be aware of.

Lines Are Clean, and Decor Is Minimal

home interior design

Let’s go back 100 years when the echoes of the Renaissance and Gothic were still relevant.

People used columns, massive furniture, dark curtains, and many Victorian accessories that created massive and even pretentious surroundings.

Modern minimalism was created to get rid of all unnecessary things. New trends suggest clean lines and a minimum of cabinets. Basically, form follows function.

Modern people need comfort and versatility. Imagine hundreds of figurines on shelves, vases, and many home furnishings that need to be cleaned for hours.

What if you are a student and you can’t spend so much time? If the classic interior is important to you, then you can ask someone, “Can you do my assignment for me?” Then you will have more time for daily cleaning.

Neutral Is the Name of the Game

Remember the films of the late 90s and those interiors that you might have seen. Chances are you’ve always wondered about bright red kitchens, green living rooms, and purple bathrooms.

Modern trends have changed significantly. Want to know how? The trend is based on white and beige colors. This is the basis from which it is not recommended for designers to deviate.

You can usually use pastel colors as long as this does not violate the overall concept.

Particular attention should be focused on natural components, lightness, and the comfort of the private space. Clean lines over curves. This is what you should keep in mind.

Open-Concept Floor Plans

Open-Concept Floor Plan Ideas

Imagine a low-cost, concrete-paneled, or brick apartment building that was developed in the early 1960s. Small rooms are a distinctive feature of such buildings.

Times have changed, and now open space is more important than small private rooms. You need to have fewer curtain walls.

This means you should stick to open-concept floor plans. Trendy design involves the creation of separate areas with sofas or chairs.

For instance, a kitchen counter can separate an area with a stove from a common living room. This solution has many advantages.

The primary purpose of demolishing curtain walls is to make your space more airy and open. Plus, you shouldn’t use window decor or a lot of wall accessories. Let the space be as pure as possible.

Furniture Comes From Natural Components

Natural components are exactly what always stays in trend. Of course, you can buy a metal table, chairs, or shelves if it allows you to create a stylish interior.

But wood and leather are always relevant and can enhance any of your rooms.

As a rule, the process of choosing furniture depends on your expectations, the required functionality, and the stylistic concept.

Rely on the style you have chosen to complement the design of your apartment or home.

Industrial Design

Industrial living room ideas

This design was typical for industrial workshops and manufacturing plants. However, modern apartments can also be adapted using brick imitation, large spaces, metal, and wood.

The main feature of such an interior is a sense of industrialism, thanks to a mix of concrete, brick, and other options. Feel free to experiment. Take a look at examples on the Internet and try to accommodate all the main features.

Scandi Design

Scandi design is very popular all over the world due to its self-sufficiency and lightness. This is one of the variations of minimalism with a small amount of furniture, light colors, and good materials.

The main secret of this design is the minimisation of the old colonial traditions, stucco, and massive furniture. Such an interior is simple and laconic, which allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth anywhere.

Final Words

As you can see, current trends are focused on reducing the amount of furniture in homes and apartments. Society no longer needs to stand out with crystal chandeliers or gilded cabinets.

The main trend is based on geometric lines, pastel colors, and natural materials. This is why you should focus on creating an open, minimal space that allows you to enjoy every minute you spend at home.

Choose functional and natural furniture and create zones to enhance the functionality of each room. Then your interior will become truly modern.

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