7 Creative Plastic Milk Crate Ideas You Can Copy Right Now

Plastic milk crates scattering in your home can be a real eye-sore. In fact, there are dozens of creative ways to transform unused milk crates into useful pieces. From toy storage to bookshelves, you can easily find plastic milk crate ideas to inspire you.

Here, we have collected the most brilliant ways to upcycle plastic milk crates. Whether you are a housewife who wants to declutter your space or a teacher who needs ideas for creative projects, we have got you covered.

1. Office Stools Milk Crate

Plastic Milk Crate Ideas

Your home office needs extra chairs? Try to transform plastic crates into these cozy stools. All you have to do is add a cushion on one side of the crate and that’s it.

For extra functionality, you can add a box for storage. Now you can make as many stools as you want.

2. Freestanding Milk Crate Storage

Plastic Milk Crate Ideas

This is a freestanding milk crate storage idea which can help keep your home organized.

Simply by stacking crates, you can make a storage tower for keeping books, kid’s toys, and even collectibles. To make it stand stronger, use wood planks to connect between the towers.

3. Milk Crate Bookshelves

Plastic Milk Crate Ideas

If you are looking for simple and kid-friendly ideas for DIY plastic milk crate projects, then these bookshelves have got you covered.

All it takes is colorful paints to color up the crates. Your kids or students will be happy to play with colors and stack the crates into a freestanding bookshelf.

4. Kitchen Stools Milk Crate


Even plastic milk crates can be a great addition to your kitchen. You can make unique stools and get new seats without having to drain your wallets.

Luckily, how to transform plastic milk crates into kitchen seats is quite simple—get some jute ropes and weave them to the bottom of the crates.

This is one of the creative plastic milk crate ideas to reduce waste so that your crates don’t end up in a landfill. What’s interesting, you can make it with the desired height.

5. Attached Milk Crates for Accessible Toy Storage


Are you looking for easy storage ideas with plastic milk crates? Unused crates that are horizontally attached offer accessible storage for toddlers and kids.

Not only can you keep the toys organized, they can also learn how to put their stuff back in place after each use.

6. Two-in-One Milk Crate Stools


Make the most of your crates with this upcycle idea. Combined with fabrics and foam, you can turn old plastic crates into aesthetic seats for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Even it can be a nice addition to the bathroom for the plastic crate is water-resistant.

One of the good things about this crate idea is that you can adjust the height. While one crate gives you low stools, stacked crates make it higher.

7. Fabric-Covered Milk Crate


If you are looking for plastic milk crate ideas for the upcoming creative projects with the kids, then these fabric-covered milk crate deserves your attention.

Simply by making a square fabric of the crate size, the crates can be used to store smaller stuff.

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