7 Pony Wall Ideas for All Rooms

GripElements.com – Pony walls are a unique wall idea you can use in a commercial building and a residential building. The main function of this wall is to break up the open space without using a full-length wall. Looking for some pony wall ideas for different rooms in your house? Here are seven ideas to consider.

1. A Pony Wall with Ornaments

half wall ideas basement

Unlike the full-length wall that stands from the floor to the ceiling, a pony wall is a half-length wall. This kind of wall is going to let natural light enter another room easily.

Plus, you can use the upper half of a pony wall to place ornaments or decorations to enhance the beauty of your rooms.

For example, if the wall is separating your living room and kitchen, the decorations you place above the pony wall will cover whatever is in your kitchen while decorating your living room at once.

2. For A Cozier Sleep

pony wall ideas bedroom

This one is for you who want to place an entertainment corner in your bedroom. If you want to enjoy a midnight movie but your loved one is sleeping, the flashes from the TV may bother her. A pony wall separating the entertainment area in the bedroom is the best solution.

You can now enjoy your favorite shows or play the best game on TV while your wife sleeps soundly just next to you.

3. Pony Wall Ideas as A Breakfast Bar

kitchen pony wall ideas

A pony wall is a genius solution for those who want to separate their kitchen and dining room. This pony wall is also a multipurpose solution since you can use this short wall as a breakfast bar. Simply move the stools when you’re not using the breakfast bar and it will be a pony wall.

4. A Perfect Wall for The Entryway

rustic pony wall ideas

If there is a living room just next to the entryway, you may want to place a pony wall to cover the living space. This pony wall is going to add privacy to your living space without blocking the natural lights from the door.

Moreover, you can also add a place for keys in this pony wall. The floor in front of this wall will be a great place for a shoe rack. Or you can even build a small sink for your guests to wash their hands.

5. Minimalist Pony Wall in The Bedroom

modern pony wall ideas

A pony wall is going to separate the bed from the small office. However, your small office will still get enough light from the window. The minimalist design of the pony wall will perfect the interior theme of your bedroom.

6. Hide Your Toilet

bathroom pony wall ideas

In your bathroom, a pony wall can hide the toilet. This pony wall idea is excellent if you have glass windows that allow you to enjoy your backyard from the tub.

7. A Pony Wall with a Fireplace

entryway with pony wall ideas

Use your pony wall to place a fireplace or an entertainment system. This is going to make people focus on the pony wall and care nothing for something behind the wall.

Will you use the seven pony wall ideas above in your house? Pick the best idea and then match the idea with your interior design.

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