7 Ingenious Pool Towel Storage Ideas

Pool Towel Storage Ideas – A pool towel is essential when you want to spend time by the water. In order to keep your towels dry, you will need pool storage like baskets, crates, or racks.

There’s a bunch of pool towel storage ideas that not only provide you with dry towels but also give you additional poolside decoration.

If you are more into handmade storage, creating a simple wooden rack only takes a couple of hours.

You can choose a material that suits your preferences, such as wood, PVC, or cast iron. Or if you don’t mind spending a dime, then getting some store-bought organizers will do you good. 

7 Pool Towel Storage Ideas

A good pool towel organizer should be able to accommodate extra fabrics, just in case you have visitors.

Extra space for pool accessories gives an added value, while good looking design can upgrade your pools. Are you ready for timeless organizer ideas? Here’s the list for you.

1. Fence Pool Towel and Pool Float Storage

Fence Pool Towel and Pool Float Storage

A wall-mounted rack is the most versatile storage idea for any fabric, including a pool towel.

This rack is added with hooks, and the best part is that it is equipped with pool float storage. Your fence can be the perfect wall substitute for mounting this multipurpose pool towel rack. 

2. PVC Stand Towel Rack

PVC Stand Towel Rack

If you love the idea of craftsmanship, then building this PVC towel rack can be a good bet.

This organizer can accommodate extra towels of any size, not to mention it can be a great holder for your pool floats. PVC can withstand extreme weather, creating long-lasting storage for your fabrics.

3. Full Storage Towel Hut

Full Storage Towel Hut

Adopting towel storage of a public pool, you can create a mini towel hut for keeping your dry towel organized.

This hut is equipped with a container for wet towels to make sure your poolside is free from scattered towels. Build your own towel hut or have someone do it for you.

4. Farmhouse Wall Mount Towel Rack

Farmhouse Wall Mount Towel Rack

Next on the list, there’s a wall mount towel rack that comes in handy to organize pool towels.

The rack has a super simple design with brackets to keep towels in place. What’s great about this organizer is that it can be an instant focal point in your pool area.

5. Bamboo Pool Towel Ladder Storage

Bamboo Pool Towel Ladder Storage

The ladder is a multipurpose storage idea that’s suitable for any space, including your poolside.

Depending on the size, it can hold more dry towels than expected. It is also easy to transport, just in case you want to move it somewhere else.

6. Wicker Pool Cabinet with Drawer

Wicker Pool Cabinet with Drawer

Made from synthetic wicker, this cabinet upgrades your pool area.

It is designed with two shelves to store not only dry towels but also sunscreen, lotion, and many more. There’s also a drawer to keep extra dry towels.

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7. Versatile Towel Hooks

pool towel storage ideas

Hooks are a timeless and super simple storage idea for pool towels. Using this tool, you can instantly hang the towels on the fence and grab them whenever you’re done.

No cabinets, crates, or baskets are needed, so this is one of the frugal pool towel storage ideas that won’t break your savings.

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