Porch Roof Plans and Construction for Different Roof Types

In most areas, homeowners need a permit to build a porch roof. They must have several requirements to get this permit. Some of them are porch roof plans and construction plans. Creating these plans can be challenging for many homeowners.

However, they can easily solve this problem if they hire an architect or download free porch roof plans from the internet. When they browse the internet, they will find porch roof plans in various roof styles or types.

1. Lean-To Porch Roof Plans

Lean-To Porch Roof Plans

A lean-to roof or shed roof plans are available on the internet for those planning to build this porch roof. This roof type has a simple design since it only has one slope. This slope connects to the wall of the house and has several posts to support it.

Having a shed porch roof is ideal for you who want to build a DIY porch roof. The simple design of this roof makes it easy to build. Moreover, the roof requires less materials to build. Therefore, constructing a shed porch roof is affordable.

In addition, this roof allows rainwater to flow freely. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about pooling rainwater. However, a lean-to roof is only ideal for a porch with less than a 2.5 m span.

2. Gable Porch Roof Plans and Construction Plans

Gable Porch Roof Plans and Construction Plans

Gable porch roofs have two slopes. Therefore, they can excellently protect the structure from rainwater. In addition, gable porch roofs have more space under the roof. This space allows for better ventilation and natural light exposure.

However, gable porch roofs also have some disadvantages. One of them is that they require strong support. Moreover, these roofs are prone to wind damage.

In gable porch roof construction drawings, you will find them featuring wooden frames. You can combine this frame with various roof materials, such as wood, vinyl, and stucco, depending on your budget.

3. Wrap-Around Porch Roof Plans

Wrap-Around Porch Roof Plans

A wrap-around porch is relatively popular, especially among homeowners who have a house with farmhouse style. This porch encloses two or more sides of the house. Therefore, homeowners have a large outdoor space for parties and relaxation.

However, this large porch requires a large roof. In consequence, building a wrap-around porch roof can be costly. Therefore, most homeowners choose to install a shed roof made of metal panels for their wrap-around porch because it is more affordable.

4. Eyebrow Porch Roof Plans

porch roof plans and construction

Getting free eyebrow porch roof plans and construction plans from the internet may not be as easy as getting those of shed or gable roofs. However, it is not impossible to have. This roof style is almost similar to the gable roof.

It has two slopes, but they are curvy. Moreover, they have a lower pitch. Some eyebrow porch roofs have no supports and overhang over the porch. However, those looking for a sturdier eyebrow roof can install pillars or posts to support this roof.

5. Hip Porch Roof Plans

Hip Porch Roof Plans

Hip front porch roof plans are relatively easy to find on the internet. At a glance, this porch roof looks like a gable roof.

However, the hip roof is sturdier than the latter because it has three slopes because has excellent wind resistance. It also has a better ability to protect the structures from rainwater.

Having porch roof plans and construction plans is essential for those planning to build a porch roof. Homeowners can find some free porch roof plans on the internet. These plans usually feature plans for constructing lean-to porch roofs, gable roofs, and wrap-around porch roofs.

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