7 Different Types of Trusses for Roof and Their Images

Trusses are one of the most important components in construction. The right truss from the right material is one of the keys in constructing strong buildings. It is why trusses for bridges are slightly different from the types of trusses for roofs.

Therefore, those who have a project of building a house, a barn, or other building must choose which trusses to apply in order to create a strong and safe building.

There are many different types of roof trusses to consider, and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses.

1. King Post Truss

Types of Trusses

This particular truss is simple and does not take lots of materials to make it. The king post truss consists of various components, such as principal rafters, a king post, a tie beam, and struts.

The rafters are inclined in such a way so that they meet at the top of the king post, forming a triangle. Meanwhile the struts are nailed diagonally on each side of the king post.

The king post truss is cost-effective, stable, and attractive. It is suitable for buildings with a roof length between 5 and 8m.

2. Queen Post Truss

Types of Trusses

The queen post truss is almost similar to the king post one. The difference is that the queen post truss has two vertical posts. Some of its components are principal rafters, struts, and queen posts.

This type of truss is also affordable. In addition, its span is between 8 and 12 m. Therefore, this truss can be used in buildings of larger sizes.

3. Gambrel Truss

Types of Trusses

A long time ago, gambrel trusses were mostly used in barns. However, these days, they are also used in private houses since the farmhouse style is gaining more popularity.

Gambrel trusses are designed to support a wide-span roof. It also adds a vertical space to your home.

4. Hip Truss


One of the types of trusses that are most commonly found in the US is the hip truss. This particular truss is designed to create the hip roof.

For those who live in snowy or windy areas, a hip truss and hip roof is a perfect option because they are more stable than a gable roof.

5. Scissor Roof Truss


For those who want to create a vaulted ceiling at home, the scissor roof truss is the best choice for it. The span of this roof can reach up to 22m.

Therefore, it is perfect for residential homes and commercial buildings. However, it does not offer excellent insulation.

6. Attic Truss


An attic truss is suitable for those who want to have an attic roof. This particular truss offers both the roof structure and the floor structure for the attic.

The attic truss can span up to 90 ft. so that it is not only good for residential houses, but also for garages and warehouses that need extra space for storage.

7. Flat Roof Truss


A flat roof truss is almost similar to the flat truss for flooring, but it is slightly sloped in order to allow water to run. This type of truss is commonly found in commercial buildings. However, a flat roof truss is also great for modern houses.

Different types of trusses offer different roof spans and stability. It is why those who need roof trusses must choose this construction with consideration.

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