The 7 Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas To Try

Are you one of the retro people looking for rustic bathroom ideas? Here is just the right path to start with. Why some people now start liking the rustic design?

It definitely depends on their preference in designing the bathroom as one of the parts of house no matter they live in the country or in the city.

Designing a rustic bathroom is like creating a lived-in view and feel. Rustic design talks about the natural and less polished materials to represent a sense of craftsmanship and the owner’s character.

Adding elements like reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron is the way to create a rustic bathroom.

Now you can find some rustic bathroom ideas that we are going to share in this article. Just sit down for ten minutes and you will find the one idea that best suiting you.

Rustic Bathroom with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door

rustic bathroom ideas

The first design you can select to try is the rustic bathroom with concrete sinks and barn door. This design is very proper for the lodge style home.

This way, you can use the creamy color for the wall to feel warm combined with the dark colors of wood, plank floors, wood cabinets and wood ceiling.

Meanwhile, the sliding barn door will let you have the cozy atmosphere along with the natural and luxurious view. What a lovely bathroom!

Rustic Bathroom with Open Barn Wood Shelving

Barn Wood Shelving

Going rustic doesn’t mean that you can organize stuffs neatly. Along with the open barn wood shelving, you can organize your stuff well and tidy.

This is one of the solutions of your dull bathroom. The shelves are very accessible so that you can reach and take bathroom stuffs easily. You can also build the charming little shelf which is always good to keep toiletries or towels.

Rustic bathroom with open barn wood shelving is one of the functional rustic bathroom ideas you can try.

Heavy Plank Shelves with Industrial Hardware

Heavy Plank

Heavy plank shelves with industrial hardware is another functional rustic bathroom design you can consider. This design is considered very simple and effective since you need only to install plumbing hardware and the pipe to create the towel holder.

You can actually build the shelves in any size and install them near the sink or just above the toilet. On these shelves, you can functionally store your toiletries or other items. Even when you have a guest, he can use the one of the shelves to put his items.

Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware

Cottage Bath

If you like vintage model very much, you can apply this design as soon as you want to. This design will definitely let you have the bright and fresh bathroom although it is designed rustically.

The wood table will allow you feel invited. Furthermore, the light painted wood pannels walls are the elements that add a fresh look and feel.

As one of the most wanted rustic bathroom ideas, this design gives you a chance to combine the bright color with the dark tones and oiled bronze as well as other glossy fixtures you like to include. Don’t forget to add some contrast accessories to let you take a breath.

Stone Lodge Bathroom Feat A Camo-Edge Mirror

Stone Lodge Bathroom

Now if you have no more space to create a rustic bathroom, you can choose stone lodge bathroom feat a camo-edge mirror to make the bathroom looks wider and larger.

In this design, you must use the stone and woodwork with the natural color to combine other materials used in the design. Usually, grey is the widely used color for shower area and tiled floors.

To keep the bathroom fresh and warm, you can also use the wood ceiling along with the exposed beams. Meanwhile, to complete the appearance of the rustic bathroom, you can add the modern bronze and copper plumbing fixtures and lighting as well as some other contrast elements.

Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook

Reclaimed Hardware

One of the rustic bathroom ideas which is very simple and easy to make is the addition of the reclaimed hardware towel hook.

This hardware is one of the decors you can use to create rustic view in your bathroom. Due to the simplicity of this design, if you have a small bathroom, you can have it now without any significant preparation.

Pallet Wood Mirror Frame With Storage

Pallet Wood Mirror

The last rustic bathroom design you can try is adding the pallet wood mirror frame with storage. It is also very simple to create and look at.

It really resembles a traditional window completed with the traditional window box. Again, this idea is very suitable for small bathroom.


Finally we can come to conclude that the 7 best rustic bathroom ideas are not as difficult as we figure out to apply. Now if you want to have a rustic bathroom to feel the nature, you can save this page to open up whenever you want to build it.

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