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    7 RV Camping Accessories You Need For Your Next Trip

    RV Camping Accessories – When it comes to hitting the open road, having all of the right equipment and accessories can make all the difference.

    Whether you’re heading out into the wilderness for a camping adventure, or just looking to make your way across the country, we have all of the essential camping RV camping accessories listed below.

    Keep in mind that the more prepared you are, and the better the accessories you have on hand, the more fun you’ll have!

    Don’t forget your electronics, safety equipment and anything else that might keep you out of harm’s way on a trip – like fuel cans, for example.

    With that said, let’s dive into all of the best RV camping accessories you need for your next trip!

    Smoke Detectors and Alarms

    RV Smoke Detectors and Alarms

    We’re going to kick off our list with a safety-related tip here, and that’s to make sure you have some form of a fire alarm or smoke protector installed in your RV.

    This will make certain that you’re aware if you’re accidentally left something cooking and let it burn, or if there are mechanical issues that might be causing smoke, or fire.

    With that noted, some form of a safety device such as a smoke detector could quite literally be a lifesaver for you and your family.

    A Parking Sensor or Camera

    Another important accessory that is a must when it comes to driving and camping in an RV is some form of parking sensor!

    We all know that these vehicles are a little cumbersome to drive, especially if you’re new to hitting the open road with an RV and so a parking sensor or parking camera is essential.

    Though most modern and higher-end RVs have these options on offer, you’re not going to find too many sensors and cameras in older or more affordable models, but the good news is that you can work to install these on your own.

    All you’ll really need to do is fix the parking sensor or the camera to the rear of your RV and run the provided cable through to an outlet and the display or the audio piece that will show or alert you to what you might be driving over the top of.

    Your Homewares

    When it comes to making your RV feel like home, there’s nothing more important than bringing along a few homewares and pieces with you to make life a little bit easier on the road.

    You can take a few of your pieces from the kitchen at the house, or work to invest in some quality and RV-friendly pieces from brands like Botanex to make your life a whole lot easier.

    Whether it’s dishwashing equipment, mugs, sharp knives or food preparation tools, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need or intend on using on-hand and ready to go before your trip.

    An Awning

    rv awning design ideas

    Once we reach camp, you also want to make sure you’re all set up and ready to have a fun and stress-free time, and so we suggest that you invest in some form of comfort and luxury items like an awning, pergola and seating.

    This will make sure that you have some safe and water-proof space to sit and relax when you’re not driving and it also means you’ll be good to go when it comes to keeping out of the sun on a hot day.

    You can take a look online for these awnings and make sure that they’re designed to suit your RV and you’ll be all set.

    For the installation, you will only really need to fix them to the railings or the slots on the side of your RV without too much issue.

    Portable Solar Panels

    Another key accessory for your RV camping trip is your solar panels!

    There’s a good chance you don’t want to have to keep your RV running when you want to charge a smart device or something rather small, and so a compact and efficient solar panel or array of solar panels is a good place to start given that these products are compact and produce enough power to charge laptops, smartphones and even small fridges and freezers.

    Keep in mind that you can mount these to your RV too so that they are always exposed to sunlight and outputting power for your devices – without you needing to switch on the RV.

    Antennas or Wi-Fi Boosters

    RV Camping Accessories

    If you’re like many of us, keeping online when we’re out camping is incredibly important, and so you’re going to want to make sure that you have some form of connection to the internet.

    We suggest a wifi booster if you have an LTE antenna or phone set up in the RV.

    These will often need a more powerful Wi-Fi booster or repeater to get your Wi-Fi to reach your devices outside the RV, and so you’re going to want to make sure that you have one of these to keep you connected.

    For those of our readers heading far off-road, you may want to consider an LTE antenna to make grabbing onto those last remaining bars of signal a breeze. T

    his will mean that even if you’re far out, you will still have some form of internet connection – though it might be slow.

    Tire Pressure Monitors

    Going back to safety, you’re going to want to make sure that you have some way of telling how your tires are doing during your trip.

    You don’t want to be dealing with a flat tire or a tire that is getting lower and lower with use, and so investing in a pressure monitor is a great place to start.

    With these devices, you can check your pressure each day and ensure peace of mind when it comes to travelling from site to site on your RV trip.

    The Takeaway

    With those essential accessories above out of the way, we’re sure you’ll have some direction in investing in new accessories for your RV to make your trip out into the wilderness a breeze this year.
    Always consider your safety and comfort and you’ll be all set.

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