7 Fascinating Tray Ceiling Ideas for Adorable Interior Designs

Best Tray Ceiling Ideas – Tray ceilings have been used in home architecture for decades. It not only adds value, but also promotes easy maintenance for years of enjoyment.

Mostly used for high ceilings, it draws the gaze upward. Do you plan to have this ceiling design? Fascinating tray ceiling ideas below will inspire you.

Also known as recessed ceilings, it can easily meet your aesthetic preferences.

Anyone with a high taste of interior design will find tray ceilings a perfect complement that serves as a focal point in any room, be it living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. Scroll through and steal these recessed ceiling ideas.

Subtle White Tray Ceiling

Subtle White Tray Ceiling Ideas

This tray ceiling comes with a modest design that matches the whole kitchen concept. Subtle color bounces more light to the room, making your cooking space visually larger.

Hidden lighting fixtures adds modern as well as aesthetic touch. You can also install hanging light to complement interior design.

Tray Ceiling with Decorative Hanging Lamp

Tray Ceiling with Decorative Hanging Lamp

A pentagonal recessed ceiling is well suited to bedroom. This ceiling design is painted with subtle hues that accentuate warm and intimate nuance.

Unlike most recessed ceilings that suit high ceilings, it is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Add a decorative hanging light fixture for a focal point.

Octagonal Tray Ceiling

tray ceiling ideas for small space

This is one of the best tray ceiling ideas for small space. Adopting octagonal design, this recessed ceiling has hidden lighting fixtures that creates a dramatic look.

Just like most recessed ceilings, it suits best for hanging light. Paint the ceilings in neutral or subtle hues to keep its simplicity.

Earth Tone Recessed Ceiling

Earth Tone Recessed Ceiling


Earth tone tray ceilings add warmth to any given space. Adopting a modest design, this tray ceiling makes your room visually higher.

With the central section is elevated few feet, it can be a perfect base to install hanging light. It is also well suited for a ceiling fan.

Simple Tray Ceiling with Recessed Lighting

Simple Tray Ceiling Ideas

This is a simple and concise tray ceiling idea that fits any room. Coming with a central section that elevates only few inches, it gives enough space for LED backlight stripes as secondary illumination aside from artsy hanging light.

For primary light sources, you can count on recessed lighting fixtures.

Ornate Tray Ceiling

Ornate Tray Ceiling Ideas

Adorning recessed ceilings with backlighting is not uncommon. But if your interior taste is on another level, embellishing your ceiling with textured wallpaper makes a new statement.

This is a fascinating recessed ceiling idea, allowing you to create a perfect harmony for all elements in the given space.

Wooden Ceiling

Best Wooden Ceiling Ideas

While textured wallpaper serves as a simple and easy embellishment for tray ceilings, this idea is a bit mind-blowing.

The elevated central section features well-arranged finished wood planks that provide you with warm and friendly ambiance. This is a great ceiling idea for farmhouse or traditional style.

Recently tray ceilings have become an architectural headline, thanks to elegance and easy maintenance.

With plenty of tray ceiling ideas available out there, it is well suited to any rooms especially ones with high ceilings. It fits best to combine with recessed and hanging lighting fixtures.

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