7 Savvy DIY Display Cases for Woodworking Project

The fact that most collectibles often catch dust, it is a great idea to transform them into adorable displays. DIY display cases help hold small things, from figurine to keepsakes and create a fascinating tabletop or wall decor.

Display cases come in a variety of options, from shadow boxes to shelves.

They are not only practical but also easy to make. If you have woodworking skills and a little spare time, creating DIY shadow box and display shelf gives a secure home for your little treasures.

If you need some inspiration for the upcoming woodworking project, display case ideas below will give a huge help.

Star Wars Figurine Display Case

Star Wars Figurine Display Case

Star Wars enthusiasts must have this display case. The shelving idea is completely easy to make, yet it works efficiently to hold and organize your collection.

With minimum woodworking skills, this display case is great to transform Star Wars collectibles into fascinating wall art you won’t find somewhere else.

Watch Display Case

shadow box ideas

Now let’s say that you have a set of watch collections from classy brands and you wish to show them off.

This DIY shadow box comes in handy to make your collection a focal point in any given space. Although it requires extra time, the result is worth the effort.

Hot Wheels Organizer

DIY display cases

Are you frustrated with scattered Hot Wheels? It’s time to get some ideas for DIY display cases that keeps your toy cars organized.

When shadow box is not a good choice for these small items, this vertical display offers a solution. It’s ideal to hold toy cars without unboxing them.

Wall Mounted Toy Car Holder

Wall Mounted Toy Car Holder Design

Next on the list, a toy car holder can transform your toy car collections into amazing wall décor.

The wall mounted holder is quite simple, allowing you to spend few hours to get this done. Arrange your collections based on colors, types, or sizes to make it visually attractive.

Knife Display Case

Knife Display Case Ideas

Constructed from wood material and complemented with glass door, this display case creates a safe place for your knife collections.

Not only does it meet the standard for storing knives, this case also works well to display your treasures. It’s suitable for living room and other places in the house.

Floor to Ceiling Display

Luxurious Display Case

This display case works adds a luxurious touch to any given room. Adopting floor to ceiling design, this case is ideal to hold precious collectibles, china, and even antiques in different sizes.

Give your collections a spotlight they deserve by installing small LED lights on each shelf.

Dramatic with Backlight

creative display case

Transform your plain wall into wall of art with this creative display case. The case extends from floor to ceiling, providing you with sufficient space to store collectibles, keepsakes, and valuable souvenirs.

For a dramatic touch, install backlight along the frame so it glows at day and night.

Now that you know fascinating DIY display cases ideas, it should resolve your problems with cluttered collections.

Pick an idea that meets your woodworking skills and make time for your own project. Either shadow box or shelf, be sure it promotes a sense of art in any given space.

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