7 Best Scrap Lumber Storage Ideas

Scrap Lumber Storage Ideas – To have a workshop for your wooden decoration or furniture, you need to prepare at least a storage for the scrap lumber.

Sometimes, they are needed in the future, so it’s a waste to throw them away. Here are several scrap lumber storage ideas to make your space tidy.

Best Scrap Lumber Storage Ideas

Shelf storage

Best Scrap Lumber Storage Ideas

If you have a big space, such as a special room for scrap lumber, you can create some vertical shelves on the wall.

The shelves will help you to accommodate those woods without bothering the space on the floor. Yet, you are still able to have long or big scrap at home for next-time usage.

However, each shelf needs some crutches if you plan to use that for long scrap ones. Without a crutch, the shelves will easily fall.

The more crutches you use, the better it is. Thus, the wall you attach must be made from brick, not plywood.

Rolling storage

Rolling lumber storage

Have a workshop? You might consider rolling storage for your scrap plumber.

The rolling one has small wheels on each side, so you can move the storage from one place to another. This is practical storage for you cause it’s portable.

Yet, you still have a challenge if you use this storage. The bigger storage you have, the more space you need.

Certain shapes of storage might crash other items or stuff in your workshop. Before you have this one, make sure it’s safe to move around the place.


Partial lumber storage

Partial storage means you have storage with different parts. It allows you to put scrap lumber with different sizes, shapes, and also the type of wood.

The longer scrap lumber can be put on the shelf without the top part. At the same time, the short ones are put in thesmall parts of storage.


Portable lumber storage

This portable storage is similar to the ladder shape. It’s a built-in triangle part; you may or may not put the rollers for each foot.

From the bottom to the top, the size of scrap lumber is decreasing. The portable ladder won’t take the space of your workshop and is easier to bring outdoor or for the garage.

Multiple storages

Multiple storages for lumber

Another option in scrap lumber storage ideas is multiple storages. The size of the storage is small; however, it can contain different shapes and sizes of scrap lumber.

The main part is used for the long sizes and stood. The other parts are similar to the open locker to place the smaller ones.


Boxie lumber storage

Locker style is the most common one to have. Thus, you need to make sure there’s space to put it, and usually, it’s at the corner of the room.

The arrangement of the rack is from the big one at the bottom and smaller to the upper part. People have this storage to classify the type of wood.

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Simple bin

scrap lumber storage ideas

Don’t you have big space to put the scrap lumber? Don’t worry! The DIY simple bin at the corner of your workshop is the solution.

You just need to know how to create a mini box like a baby crib. After that, you can put all the scrap lumber altogether there.

Some of the scrap lumber storage ideas above are options to have in your workshop. The storages help to organize the scrap lumber and other items, so you don’t have to throw them away.

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