7 Semi-inground Pool Ideas for Small and Big Pools

GripElements.com – Some people believe that a semi-inground pool can never be as gorgeous as an indoor pool or infinity pool. But with these semi-inground pool ideas, you can build the most beautiful semi-inground pool in the neighborhood. All you need to create the most gorgeous pool is just a little creativity.

Many homeowners can only afford a semi-inground pool since its cost is lower than the cost of above ground pool or inground pool. However, the look of a semi-inground pool may look weird. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make it more gorgeous.

1. Frame It With A Wooden Deck

round semi inground pool ideas

A wooden deck has a gorgeous design that will make your backyard look more gorgeous. It is also functional.

If you have a bigger pool, then the wooden deck around the pool will make it look more impressive. A wooden entrance to the pool will also give you a rustic feeling and also a touch of nature.

2. Rock Steps Around the Pool

radiant semi inground pool ideas

Looking for a sidewalk that is going to complete your semi-inground pool? The rock steps will be the best ones. Add rock steps on one or both sides of your pool.

Rocky steps are perfect steps to decorate not only bigger pools but also smaller ones. Pick the best rocks that aren’t slippery for your pool.

3. Pave Everything Around Your Pool

diy semi inground pool ideas

If you prefer decorating around the pool with tiles, gorgeous options are available. Many great designs of tiles allow you to mix and match them all with your pool.

Tiles are also much better than wood since they are more resistant to water. You can use tiles to decorate small or big semi-inground pools.

4. Luxurious Semi-inground Pool Ideas

oval semi inground pool ideas


To create a luxurious look around your semi-inground pool, create elegant fencing. The best fencing for a modern pool is frameless glass fencing.

The glass fencing is going to let you see through the fence and watch everyone inside the pool. This is an excellent option to keep your eyes on little ones.

5. Natural Fence for Privacy

backyard semi inground pool ideas

Natural fencing will not only perfect the look of your semi-inground pool with a natural stone frame.

This natural fencing will also cover your backyard and block anyone outside from seeing everyone in the pool. If your backyard is open, you need to consider using a natural fence to enhance the pool’s privacy.

6. Frame Your Pool with Plants

small semi inground pool ideas

Some gorgeous plants like succulents are going to beautify your beautiful small semi-inground pool. Succulents are a great option since they don’t need too much water.

They require lower maintenance. This means you don’t need to worry about the drainage of the plants.


7. Semi-inground Pool With A Bar

semi-inground pool ideas

Another option to make your semi-inground pool look amazing is by building a small bar just next to the pool. Don’t forget to build some barstools inside the pool. This way, you can sit and enjoy a nice drink without leaving the water.

There are thousands of semi-inground pool ideas to make the pool look more outstanding. The seven ways above are some examples you should consider among the other ideas.

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