7 Unbelievable Sliding Barn Door Design You Wish You Knew It Before

Barn door offers a brilliant solution to bring a classic touch of country style to your space. Not only is it visually attractive, it also works well even in the most restricted area. And when it comes to sliding barn door design, you have a long list to choose from.

From traditional wood barn doors to modern ones that are combined with glass, there are tons of sliding barn door ideas to add appeal to your interior.

Best of all, it is ideal for almost all rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and even pantry. Read on and get inspired.

1. Raw Wood Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Design

Simple, stylish, and natural. The three words best describe this aesthetic sliding barn door.

Created from a live edge slab, you don’t have to spend time and effort to assemble wood planks just like typical barn doors. Overall, this idea is completely simple to install, and it works just great for any space.

2. Single Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Design

A single barn door is an ideal choice for any homeowners with small space issues. It adopts traditional barn door designs that make it the perfect complement for your barn house.

Feel free to install this sliding door to your bathroom or bedroom and feel the country’s classic atmosphere.

3. Double Sliding Door

Sliding Barn Door Design

When a single barn door is not enough, opt for this double sliding door. It consists of two single sliding doors installed with a wall in between, allowing you to make a distinctive barrier to the room.

You can also adopt this idea to create “in and out” concept, which is quite uncommon in residential space.

In addition to the unique concept, it offers a strong accent of rustic and country classics. Thanks to the reclaimed wood material it uses to build the doors.

4. Wood and Glass Barn Door


Full wood barn doors are all about classic and traditional. If it doesn’t meet your modern concept, try these wood and glass sliding barn doors. It is constructed with half glass – half wood materials that accentuate modern – classic nuance.

Featuring clear glass, this sliding barn door design may not be a good option for a bathroom or bedroom. Instead, it can be the perfect choice for your pantry so you can clearly see what’s inside.

5. Paint-It-Red Sliding Door


Light brown or dark brown can be boring. How about painting your sliding barn door a vibrant color like red or maroon?

This is a simple yet clever way to add appeal to your interior. With the connecting door looking decent, other elements can be highlighted in a better way.

6. Wooden Sliding Door with Handle


Living with seniors is not easy—you have to make sure everything is accessible to them.

And if you wish to provide an elder-friendly or disabled-friendly door, then this wooden sliding barn door has got you covered. It is designed with a handle which helps ensure their safety.

7. Traditional Barn Door


Not least of all, this sliding barn door design helps preserve the traditional accent. Made from wood and hardware with a glossy finish, it can be a great option for your country classic or farmhouse interior.

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