7 Cute Montessori Toddler Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

While simplicity is the key element for Monti’s philosophy, setting up a Montessori toddler bedroom can be tricky especially for beginners. If you wish to know what a Monti bedroom looks like, you have landed on the right page.

You don’t need to be a Monti expert or professional interior designer to have this approach for kid’s bedroom. Pay attention to colors, bed choices, and playing area to encourage independent exploration.

Take a closer look at Montessori kid’s bedroom ideas below and see what they include in the room.

Neutral Color, Natural Tone

neutral color and natural tone


When it comes to color choices, Montessori bedroom is all about neutral color and natural tone. Painted in white, this room brings sense of calm.

When combined with soft and warm lighting, it creates a cozy environment. Shades and curtains help reduce glare and light intensity to the room.

Keep Everything Reachable

Montessori bedroom designs

Montessori bedrooms encourage toddlers to independently explore and discover their environment.

Keep everything in the room low and reachable so they can mobile and move easily without help. Opt to use floor bed rather than crib, install bookshelves at their height, and put a mini table for collectibles.

Plain and Natural

Montessori toddler room

Monti bedroom doesn’t have to be all white. You can choose other hues as long as it is neutral.

This Montessori toddler room is painted green, evoking a plain and natural look. Combined with hardwood flooring and cozy reading corner, it is a great place for resting and playing.

Explore and Discover

Monti classroom ideas

Before sending your kids to a Montessori school, this decoration introduces them to Monti classroom.

Still with mini furniture, toddlers are encouraged to move freely and discover things independently. While the room is neutral, wall arts and toys can be in vibrant colors to attract their attention.

Use Floor Bed

Flood bed ideas

Flood bed is an essential element in a Montessori bedroom. This kind of bed allows toddlers sleep and wake independently without the help of parents or caretakers.

Besides floor bed, mini wardrobe and shelving is great to promote toddler’s independence. Make sure it is within their arm reach.

Small Sofa and Low Shelving

toddler can chill out

As your toddler is more active, his mobility is getting higher. Install a low shelving that allows them keep toys and books in place.

As it is within their reach, they don’t need your help to organize the room. There’s also a small sofa where toddler can chill out.

Well-Lighted Monti Bedroom

Well-Lighted Monti Bedroom Ideas

For a little adventurer, this Montessori bedroom idea is worth the thought. There’s a tiny camp next to the floor bed where your toddler can spend time chilling out or arranging plan for the next adventure.

Featuring a glass window, you can install shades or curtains to control the light.

Setting up a Montessori toddler bedroom is quite simple as long as you know the key elements.

Aside from using neutral colors, it’s essential to keep everything reachable so toddlers can gain free mobility and movement. Help them explore the bedroom independently so they’re ready for the bigger world.

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