Summer Maintenance Tasks

Summer is around the corner; you might wonder what summer maintenance tasks you need to do first. It is the perfect season to get tanned with a glass of cocktail in hand.

That is why you have to maintain your household to enjoy your summer. This article will assist you in listing down the tasks you ought to prioritize in the scorching months.

Power Wash Your Home

One of the most important summer maintenance tasks to do is power wash your household. Indeed, summer is all about outdoor activities, but you do not want to miss out on cleaning your deck, patio, pool, and even front porch.

Do you know that power washing your house can add up the sales price? National Association of Realtors has revealed that a pressure-washed house can obtain $10,000 to $15,000 more than its normal value.

Power-washing your home is not an easy task. You can rent one for around $70 to $300 each day. However, you might be cautious. If not careful, you might hurt yourself and even damage your exterior and properties.

Thus, you have to do thorough research about it for safety reasons. it is highly recommended to hire an expert as it only costs $200 up to $400.

Check Your Air Conditioner

Summer Maintenance Tasks

Other summer maintenance tasks you should do is double-check your AC, and see if it can function smoothly. During summer, your AC will be switched on day and night. Ensure that you have changed the disposable filters; especially if you have pets.

To avoid it from crumbling down, check the condenser unit. Make sure you clean it regularly. Do not forget to drain the condenser’s pan and clean up the lines.

You can also empty the excess water, so the AC will not get clogged. If you are too busy, feel free to hire a professional for your AC tune-up. Commonly, it will cost you $75 up to $200.

Inspect Your Home Exterior

As many activities take place outdoors, you need to tidy up your home interior as a part of your summer maintenance tasks.

Check the siding and see if they have sap, pollen, and storm damage from winter. You can also see if there are other worn-out sides to fix.

You should inspect your garden or landscape; do you have overgrown shrubs and trees? Trim them down, so they will look neat when you invite a guest to your home.

Try to fertilize your garden and lawn. This way, you will have good air circulation. Ensure they also have enough water and soil, so the flowers in your garden can groom.

Check and Repair Your House Utilities

Check and Repair Your House Utilities

Many people are bound to come to your house during summer. Thus, you have to ensure that your house utilities, such as doors, ceilings, fans, and windows are still on top-notch performance.

When you see a sign of wear and tear, you can opt to install a new door. The last essential summer maintenance tasks are to clean your ceiling, fans, and windows to keep your room temperature and air circulation.

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