8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized in 2023

Most of us, intentional or not, make resolutions about improvements when the calendar is about to tick over to a new year. It’s a natural marker for acknowledging where we could use some improvement in our lives, personal or otherwise. For some, even just keeping a tidier house is enough to set the new year off to a good start.

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding the time and energy to keep your home neat and tidy can be a challenge.

However, there are simple strategies that can help you stay on top of the mess and keep your home looking its best. From organizing your supplies to washable rugs, here are our eight top tips to help you keep your home clean and organized in 2023.

1. Set up a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping Your Home Clean

Even if you only clean one room each week, having a routine can help you stay focused and ensure that all areas of your house get attention. Decide which rooms will get the most attention, and which areas need to be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Create a cleaning checklist, and include all the tasks you need to get done each week. It can also be helpful to set aside regular times each week to concentrate on specific tasks, such as vacuuming or tidying up toys.

2. Get the Right Supplies

One of the most important things you need to keep your home clean and organized is the right supplies. If you have everything you need in one place, it is so much easier to stay on top of the cleaning. It will also save you time and help you stay organized.

3. Declutter Regularly

Regularly clearing out your home can help you stay on top of the cleaning. If you have too much stuff, it can be hard to clean and organize your home, and decluttering is a great way to make a big difference in your home’s organization.

You can declutter any room in your home, but if you have specific areas that are particularly messy or disorganized, you may want to focus your efforts on these rooms.

4. Use Technology

With the latest technology, keeping your home clean and organized is much easier. There are many products that can help you stay on top of the cleaning, from intelligent cleaning robots to air purifiers. If push comes to shove, you can even outsource your cleaning responsibilities to a cleaning service.

5. Get the Whole Family Involved

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

Getting the whole family involved in the cleaning can make a big difference to your home’s organization. Having younger children help with the cleaning can also be a great way to teach them good habits that they can continue when they are older.

You can get the whole family involved in decluttering, too. Setting aside some time to go through toys and clothes that your kids have outgrown is a great way to declutter your home.

6. Keep the Floors Clean

Floors are often overlooked when it comes to keeping your home clean, but they are one of the most important areas to focus on.

It is easy to spill food and other messes on the floor, and this can quickly lead to built-up dirt, dust, and dander. If you have pets or kids, one of the best ways to prevent dirt from being tracked indoors is with a washable rug. When it’s time to clean it, just toss it in the washing machine and it’s ready to get back to work.

7. Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

You can make a big difference to your home’s organization by investing in clever storage solutions. There are so many products available to make it easier to organize your home, from drawers and shelves to hooks and rails.

These products are designed to help you store items in a more effective way, and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

8. Find the Right Cleaning Service

If you find that cleaning is taking up too much of your time, or you just don’t have the energy to keep your home tidy, hiring a cleaning service can help.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can make it easier to stay on top of it all. These cleaning services can handle heavy cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, while you focus on smaller tasks, such as tidying up toys and cleaning windows.

That Tidy House Feeling

Keeping a clean, tidy house is one of those things that doesn’t seem like it will be a big deal until you have one. Evidence suggests that a clean house is associated with improved mental health.

While it can feel overwhelming, keeping a clean house is much more manageable if you break the tasks into small pieces and do just a little bit each day.

Simply putting items back where you got them, instead of leaving them out, can make a huge difference over the course of even just a week. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep up with it!

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