17 Extraordinary Loft Stairs Ideas For Various Homes

Loft conversion is a perfect thing for people who are desperate for the extra space. But loft can add beauty to homes as well especially through the stairs. That’s when you need to get creative and attractive loft stairs ideas that will add extra value to your home. Ready to get some inspirations?

Beautiful Loft Stairs Ideas

Simple Loft Ladder Staircase

Simple Loft Ladder Ideas

Don’t be scared to show your loft ladder. In fact, you can even use it as your house’s centerpiece.

For example, for a house with a minimalist interior dominated with white, a loft ladder in simple design would help. Just make sure that ladder is stunning enough to be a centerpiece.

Paint it in eccentric color to make it look contrast from the neutral color around it. Or pick two different colors to paint the steps and the banister.

Be creative in choosing the colors and make sure they’ll make the room look more awesome.

Mid Terrace Spiral Stairs

Mid Terrace Spiral Ideas

Spiral stairs can be a wonderful option to access the loft. Unfortunately, this kind of stairs needs enough space where you can mount the pole in the center of the stairs.

Minimum diameter of spiral stairs must be at least a meter, the wider the better.

The best place for spiral stairs is outside, especially if your interior doesn’t have enough space for this big stair option.

For a house with a terrace, spiral stairs can be mounted on the terrace so the loft can be accessed from there.

Loft Conversion Stairs Ideas

Glass Loft Staircase Ideas

The next of loft stairs ideas is using glasses. This inspiration really helps for small houses with limited space inside.

The presence of glass banisters is going to reflect the light. It works perfectly when it is combined with white surroundings.

If you want your loft stairs to look stunning, décor the steps instead of the banisters. Leave the glass banisters alone but lay something colorful or attractive on the steps.

This is going to create a unique stair without making it look space consuming.

Staircase Designs For Small Spaces

Amazing Staircase Designs For Small Spaces

Or, another way to make your stair looks stunning inside a small interior is by using wire banister.

Wire banister and its see-through design looks invisible so people will think your house is wider than it really is. Besides, consider having floating steps.

Floating steps with some lighting under each step make the people focus on the beauty of your loft stair instead of how small your room is.

Pull Down Loft Stairs

Best Pull Down Loft Stairs

Here comes the most classic loft stair design. This one is extremely perfect especially for a house with very limited spaces.

Wood is the most common material for this stair and the most attractive one. But you sure can use another material such as metal for your pull-down loft stair.

You need to complete this kind of stair with a puller that is strong enough and is able to complete your interior. When the stair isn’t used you recognize the stunning puller decorating your ceiling.

The Space Saver Stairs

Space Saver Stairs Design

Stair comes in various sizes. Some of them are wide enough so you can step side by side with someone else. But stairs with too wide steps will take too much space in your small house with limited space inside.

To save the space in your interior, consider to limit the width of your steps. Fifty-centimeter steps will be enough to bring you up to the loft.

Just make sure it is sustained by a strong prop or base so that you can step safely from and to the loft.

The Side Storage Stairs

Side Storage Stairs Ideas

One of my favorite loft stairs ideas is this one, side storage stairs. It somehow reminds me of Harry Potter in his first movie.

Under the stair storage is an effective way to hide many things and keep your interior free from the clusters.

Add doors to the storage so whatever inside it won’t be visible. This helps a lot especially when you just throw everything inside while some friends rush to your home.

Wooden Loft Staircase Idea

Wooden Loft Staircase Concept

Many believe that wooden stairs will always look traditional and uninteresting. Well, it depends on how creative you design the stair.

This wooden stair for example, is minimalist and simple but extremely stunning. Besides, it doesn’t take many spaces, perfect for a small house.

This design also helps you save money. The woods that are used to make this awesome stair are fewer than the ones used to build general wooden stairs.

Narrow Loft Staircase Idea

Narrow Loft Staircase Ideas

Narrow space shouldn’t block you from designing a beautiful stair to your loft.

Though the stair doesn’t get enough space, it can be eye catching through the design you choose. This see-through stair, for example, is making the room look way more modern.

It looks even better since the wooden steps have the same design as the wooden floor. From the front of the staircase, you can see the space behind it.

And from the loft, you can look down to see your stair is blending with the floor. What a nice trick.

Compact Loft Staircase

Compact Loft Staircase Design

If there is no possibility that you can hide your loft stair from everyone’s sight, consider designing a unique and eye-catching stair that makes everyone awes your interior.

Compact spiral stair is one of those awesome stairs you must consider.

Tell the builder that you want spiral loft stairs ideas that have contrast design compared to everything around it.

Modern Loft Spiral Staircase

Modern Loft Spiral Staircase

One incredible way to make your stair looks modern is by making it gold. Apply gold on the banister and all steps.

Within the white walls and ceiling, this gold loft stair will draw people’s attention. If there’s enough space in the step, you can also place some ornaments.

The ornaments can also be placed on the steps if the stair won’t be used. It gives an extra value to your incredible stair.

Traditional Loft Staircase Design

Traditional Loft Staircase Concept

For some houses, the simpler is the better. If your house needs something simple, a traditional loft stair is going to be a perfect option.

Create a simple wooden stair that the width fits the small space of your house. Also, complete the steps with a simple banister. It helps maintain the simplicity.

The Floating Loft Stairs

Best Floating Loft Stairs

Try to combine two ideas you have seen above. For example, consider this design that combines the idea of floating stair with storage.

Small storage under each step will be a perfect bookcase. Or you can place some decorations so that your minimalist floating stair will be more adorable and aesthetic.

About the color of this stair, white is just an example and you’re free to pick any color for the stair. Just make sure the color you pick for your loft stair doesn’t ruin the beautiful design of your interior.

Glass Loft Staircase

Loft Conversion Stairs Ideas

If you opt for a loft stair with glass banister just like this one, you need to think about the banister post.

It is going to hold the fragile glass so make sure the post is not just good looking but also has the strength that is required to hold the glass firmly.

Once you find the perfect material for a banister post, you can start thinking about its look.

The best of loft stairs ideas for a small house is by painting the banister post in the same color as the wall around it so that it will be invisible.

Rustic Loft Staircase

Rustic Loft Staircase Concept

A rustic themed home won’t be perfect without a rustic loft staircase. Instead of using modern styled wooden stairs, consider building rustic stairs by using wooden logs for both steps and banister.

This design is an excellent option for a house with lots of space inside.

If possible, leverage the space under your rustic stair. Place some rustic ornaments or appliances under the stair.

Retracting Loft Staircase

Retracting Loft Staircase Design

And for industrial themed interiors, this retracting loft stair is a wonderful thing. The combination between woods for the steps and metal for the banisters and props create a magnificent look.

It blends perfectly with the furniture in the room around the loft stair.

The compact size of this loft stair makes it perfect for even the smallest room. Also, there is no need to prepare a huge opening on the loft.

Small Loft Ladder Staircase

Small Loft Ladder Staircase Ideas

Sometimes, something classic is enough. The dark wooden ladder in this room for example, looks classic and contrasts to the other wooden elements in the room.

But it looks perfectly matched in the room. The ladder and its wide steps are also a nice place for some small ornaments.

Simply place some small sized ornaments on the ladder. When you’re going to use the ladder, you just have to move the ornaments to the table or drawer next to the ladder.

Which one between the seventeenth loft stairs ideas above you’re going to apply to your own loft? Pick one or some you want the most, then tell your builder whatever you desire.

A good and experienced builder will help you make your dream come true, especially in bringing your dream stair to real life.

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