3 Tips For Saving Money On Your New Windows

Like doors, windows are part of a property’s first line of defense against intruders. Thus, windows shouldn’t only provide aesthetic value. It should also provide security and other practical advantages. 

It holds no matter where you may be in the world. So, if you’re in Virginia thinking about how to replace your broken windows, hiring companies offering window replacement in Springfield should be on top of your list. 

Getting a new set of windows is a considerable investment. According to industry estimates, window installation can cost USD$6,182 on average, with labor costs running from USD$150 to USD$800. That said, here are three clever ways to optimize your spending on this costly project.  

1. Consider Cost-Saving Options

Tips For Saving Money On Your New Windows

Like any home project, prices for window replacement could vary depending on your location, difficulty, the scope of work needed, and the materials used. As such, you can get more value for your money by considering these things:

  • Alter Your Window Style

One way to save some cash on replacing your broken windows is by installing one large window instead of multiple openings. In general, houses have double-hung windows because they’re easy to clean and operate.

However, this design requires various specialized parts and glasses separated by a few panes, making it more expensive than the other window types.

Sliding windows are also cost-effective. But if you need your window to open, sliding panels are your best choice. These window styles can save you on customization and material costs. Tilt and turn windows are the priciest and the guided-system windows.

Windows using simulated divide lite mechanisms are also more expensive because of the materials and work needed.

Instead of choosing this, opt for grilles between glass styles to lower your expenses. Also, consider visibly-hinged casements, as they’re the most affordable. Your contractor should be able to help you explore your options. 

  • Choose Cost-Efficient Materials 

Window frame materials can also impact the cost of your home project. For instance, vinyl is the cheapest compared to wood, composite plastic, and fiberglass.

Next to vinyl, fiberglass may also be a good option because it lasts longer than vinyl and doesn’t need the maintenance work required by wooden window frames.

Next, think about installing glazing on your window glass. You may want to avoid triple-glazing your glass because there’s little difference between this and a double-glazed window. The latter is often enough to provide you with the best protection and higher energy efficiency. 

  • Stick With Standard Colors And Sizes  

Manufacturers often research the standard sizes and colors used in most houses in their locality. As such, they come up with classic product lines that stores sell.

If you want a unique color for your window frames and casings, workers have to put in extra hours to customize them.

It, of course, requires added costs. The same goes for window sizes. So, if you’ve seen one that’s only slightly larger than you need, go for it.    

2. Schedule The Project During Winter Season

Who would’ve thought that the timing would impact your window replacement project cost? The winter season is the off-peak season for window replacement.

And because there’s less demand for this service, material suppliers offer attractive discounts and other deals that aren’t possible during peak demand seasons.

Window contractors, for their part, offer low labor charges because they’re not busy and want better cash flow by getting booked

. Thus, if it isn’t an emergency, you can wait until the colder months to save big on your window replacement project. If going this route, you can buy additional window curtains and covers from the money that you’ve saved.  

3. Leave The Work To Professionals

Replacing a window might look easy, and many do-it-yourself enthusiasts have attempted to complete the project—without success.

While there’s a wealth of online resources that promise to teach you how to D-I-Y window replacements with ease, resist the urge to do so.

A window replacement project is more complex than you think, and you may waste your effort, time, and money on an activity that’s best left to professionals.  

When choosing a contractor, always look for reputable companies in your area. Get at least three quotes, and don’t jump at the cheapest offer right away.

Ask for references about their previous projects, get in touch with their clients, and make sure they have permits, licenses, and insurance coverage.

The Bottom Line

Cutting costs doesn’t mean sacrificing quality work in most cases. As can be gleaned from this article, choosing the right contractor, materials, style, and timing can all help lower your window replacement costs. Perform these tips in your next home project and expect huge savings. 

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