How to Fix Toilet Fill Valves from Leaking? Here are 4 Easy Ways!

Toilets are an important thing that must exist in every building. However, toilets have various problems, mainly related to leaks. Because it is an important thing, when there is a problem with a leak in the toilet, the problem must be resolved immediately so the toilet can function properly again.

However, many people think that fixing the problem of a toilet fill valve from leaking is a difficult thing to do. In fact, this can actually be fixed easily if you know the easy way. Therefore, here we provide some easy ways to easily fix leaks in the toilet valve.

First, Turn Off the Water Supply

Turn Off the Water Supply

How to stop toilet fill valve from leaking? So, the first thing you have to do when a leak problem occurs is to turn off the water supply. The water supply valve is at the back of your toilet.

Now, turn the valve clockwise until the valve can no longer rotate. Well, the valve will not be able to drain the leaking water into the bathroom. Therefore, it can keep the toilet dry even if a leak occurs.

Second, Empty the Tank from Your Toilet

Empty the Tank from Your Toilet

Another way you can fix leaks in the toilet valve is to empty the tank. It’s because the toilet valve will easily leak if the tank is full. So, to fix the leak is to empty the tank first.

In addition, if you empty the tank, you can check the toilet valve and fix it easily. However, make sure that all the contents of the tank are completely used up. If there is a little water in the water, clean it using a vacuum cleaner until there is no water left. So, when the toilet valve is opened, the water in the tank does not spill out.

Third, Replace the Toilet Valve

Toilet Fill Valves from Leaking

Now, we discuss the important part of how to easily solve the problem of toilet fill valve from leaking. Now, in this third step, you can start to replace the toilet valve. You need to remove the water hose first. Then, unscrew the toilet valve nut to release the valve.

How do you remove the nut on the toilet valve? First, open the toilet cover. Then, hold the top of the toilet valve. Next, turn the flush valve while turning the nut counterclockwise. Well, the valve can be removed.

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The Last, Install the New Valve

Install the New Valve

When the valve has been removed, it is time to find the problem with the toilet valve. You should buy a new toilet valve. Then, attach the small end of the valve downwards and push it.

Then, install the valve nuts and turn the nuts clockwise. Make sure that the nut is too tight so if there is a problem, you can easily remove the nut. Then, reattach the water hose.

After that, turn the water valve in a counterclockwise direction. This will allow the water to flow again and the toilet tank can be refilled. Well, if there is still water coming out, it’s because the hose is not attached tightly. So, make sure that the water hose is installed properly.

So, that’s an explanation regarding how to stop toilet fill valve from leaking. Those explanations about the toilet fill valve from leaking problem can be the best reference for you to fix the leaks in the toilet valve easily.

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