7 Types of Chimneys Every Homeowner Must Have!

Chimneys offer a great way to keep your house cozy and warm, especially during the cold season. There are different types of chimneys to choose from, allowing you to ensure interior coziness while improving the exterior. So, what choices are available out there?

Finding the right chimney type for your space can be a complex process, for there are different aspects to consider. But if you need a good reference for the most popular type, we’ve got you covered.

1. Long-Lasting Metal Chimney

Types of Chimneys

If you are looking for a chimney that is easy to install, long-lasting, and cost-efficient, then a metal chimney should be on the top of the list.

It offers a terrific solution for homeowners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of brick and mortar. Not to mention it brings a high-tech look to your house.

2. Wood Stove Chimney

Types of Chimneys

This is one of the most traditional kinds of chimneys. Commonly used back in the 1800s, it burns wood to produce heat.

Quite similar to modern chimneys, it has a stovepipe which extends from the base all the way to your exterior. The pipe typically doesn’t go directly to the roof.

3. Basic Masonry Chimney

Types of Chimneys

Masonry chimneys could be the perfect option if you prefer basic styles. Made from bricks, cement, stone, and blocks, it usually comes with masonry fireplaces that burn wood. The smoke produced from the burning process goes upward through the tunnel and out into the atmosphere.

Many homeowners choose masonry chimneys to complement their traditional-looking houses. Though it may spend more budgets than the other, the result is worth it.

4. Distinctive Prefabricated Chimney


Among other types of chimneys out there, the prefabricated type is more modern and contemporary.

The factory-built design looks trendy and innovative, not to mention you can find them in a variety of materials. Having that said, a prefabricated chimney has a catch—it doesn’t fit all types of chimneys.

5. Fireplace Insert Chimney


From its name, you can easily figure out that this kind of chimney is inserted into the wall.

It uses fireplace inserts which are commonly a type of wood stoves. It is designed to perfectly fit a masonry fireplace with the stove directly connected to the top.

6. Freestanding Stove Chimney


Freestanding stove chimney design is commonly used in a freestanding stove that is inserted into a custom chimney. It can come in the form of a prefabricated metal chimney or masonry one.

Before being used, these chimneys are often tested for the ability to work with wood-burning stoves. With the pipe going directly to the roof, this type of chimney can keep your room warm and smoke-free.

7. Wooden Chimney


Mainly constructed from wood material, this kind of chimney has a wooden chase that makes it visually attractive. The chimney commonly comes with metal insulation to prevent the wood from overheating, which can destroy the material over time.

If you are looking for unique types of chimneys, then wooden chase can be your option. Just make sure you have consulted your builder before installing one.

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