8 Best Types of Fences for Protection and Aesthetic

GripElements.com – Choosing the materials or types of fences can be challenging. Most people want material that will last long, but at the same time, it should press the budget. Aesthetics is also another thought that comes to mind if you want to use the fence for a house or garden. Here are the types that you can consider.

1. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

This material has high durability under hard weather. You can choose this material since it’s reliable for up to thirty years.

There are many colors and you can design the fence according to your needs. However, this fence is expensive in the market. It’s worth the minimum maintenance fence.

2. Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

This is the cheapest option even though many kinds of wood will affect the pricing level. Wood is one of the types of fences that many people use because it’s durable and affordable. The best type of wood for the fence is cedar and redwood because it’s excellent.

3. Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

This is the fence that will protect the area from big animals or big objects. The chain link is made from galvanized steel wire.

It’s popular to use on the farm because it’s less aesthetic. The chain link fence has high durability because it doesn’t get rusty easily over time. The price is also inexpensive.

4. Metal Fence

Metal Fence

It’s different from the chain link fence because the metal fence can be made from iron and steel. There are many designs and usually applicable for a more aesthetic look.

Some metal fences are the type of fences for better protection purposes. Oil paint will create a better look and also durability for years to this fence.

5. Barb Wire Fence

Barb Wire Fence

The barbed wire fence is a fence that looks like wire and it’s one of the cheaper types of fences. It has good protection because it can hurt people or scratch objects.

Barb wire is perfect to protect a warehouse or farm. Houses with barbed wire have low-price levels, so you have to consider this before using this.

6. Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence

This type of fence has a decorative purpose for the building or your area. It is an expensive option since they have a particular design, whether it’s general or by request.

The metal is made from iron and it’s heavy. So, it is better to have this fence if you plan to have a fixed fence for your area.

7. Composite Fence

Composite Fence

The composite fence is popular because it is long-lasting and the material is better than standard wood fences. It looks like wood, but it’s a synthetic material.

If you are into the traditional design but reliable fences, the composite fence is the right choice. It’s strong enough to fight extreme weather as well.

8. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

This option is also excellent because bamboo fences can last up to twenty years. You can create a lot of designs because bamboo has many sizes as well. Usually, people use bamboo fences for their gardens and farm.

Since the types of fences have different longevity and price, you can choose the type which will support your need. Some fences require extra maintenance to make them work well.

Different kinds of fence will affect how it protects your area, so you have to be wise in budget and purpose while choosing.

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