The Most Popular Types of Windows for Houses and Commercial Buildings

Without windows, a building has bad air circulation and there is no source of light. A healthy space always has at least one unit. However, there are several types of windows that you might never know. Check the styles of the window below to beautify your building.

1. Casement Window

Casement Window

The casement window is the window that is attached on one side and another side can be moved in or out. The attached part is on the frame of the window like a normal door.

Usually, you can open all the windows and get more air. If you use an air conditioner, this window can be a bad option.

2. Awning Window

Awning Window

The awning window has a hinged part but it is at the top of the frame. When you open the window, it protects you from the rain but the air circulation is still good.

Usually, the awning window is high on the wall because of privacy reasons. It is not the window for a view purpose.

3. Palladian window

Palladian window

A palladian window is a window that looks like old architecture because of the arch accent at the top center of the window. It has many partitions and the size of this window is usually very large.

So far, the use of this window generally is on commercial buildings which have big sizes.

4. Fixed Window

Fixed Window

A fixed window is a window that cannot be opened. This window has a decorative purpose and transfers the light from the outside to the room.

Usually, a fixed window is placed in the living room with a big size, from the ceiling to the floor. The frame is also thicker than other types of windows.

5. Round Window

Round Window

A round window has a shape that looks like an eye. It has many types of windows and a mix of the center of the window.

It is a unique option, yet the installation of this type is quite hard. It is a rare style, so you have to discuss a lot with the architect for a better view.

6. Skylight Window

Skylight Window

This window is usually at the ceiling and made from transparent glass. The main purpose of the window is to transfer light during the day.

The room will be hotter and brighter during the day and you can enjoy some night view at night. The installation might need some specialization for this type.

7. Glass Block Window

Even though it is a 1980s trend, the glass block window will create an aesthetic vibe and it is not that classic. This window is very thick and the purpose is not for air circulation.

Some homeowners use a glass block window for an additional view of the building and to transfer some light to the inside.

8. Bay Window

Bay Window

The bay window has classic English vibes and you can put this type of window for the upper part of the building. There are three parts of the window and usually, it is a combination of casement window style. It can be a hexagonal or octagonal window.

These various types of windows should be adjusted to the style of the building. The historical window might not be compatible with a minimalist concept.

Therefore, you have to design your building well. The size is also a big consideration when you choose the type and style

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