7 Types of Houses in America with Their Pictures and Definitions

When it comes to architectural designs and styles, the US has a beautiful mix of types of houses. The trends of house designs and styles come and go in this country. Some of them are quite popular currently, while others are considered a bit out of date.

If you are currently looking for a house in this country, it is essential to consider the house type that represents your personality.

It is also essential to choose one that has better style value than the others do. To get the right one, you can consider some popular house types below.

Types of Houses in America

These are 7 popular house types with their images and description.

1. Ranch House

Types of Houses

When one hears about a ranch house, they may think that it is too old-fashioned and only perfect for those who are living in villages. However, this particular house type is making a comeback.

A ranch house typically has a single-story frame, an open floor plan, sliding glass doors, large windows, and a low-pitched roof. It usually has a large backyard and a garage attached to the main house. 

2. Colonial House

Types of Houses

This house type is considered to have good value in the marketplace due to its beauty.

The main features of colonial houses are brick building materials, two-story floor plans, bay windows, many rectangular windows, verandas, and grand entryways.

3. Contemporary House

Types of Houses

In most cases, you are able to spot contemporary houses easily because of their distinct ultra-modern vibe. However, they are different from modern houses. 

Contemporary houses commonly have open floor plans, clean and simple lines, neutral color, eco-friendly building materials, and natural lights. They are generally large with multiple stories.

4. Mediterranean House


For those who live in Florida, California, and other warm-weather areas in the US, Mediterranean houses can be a perfect option. They are available in both small and large sizes so that more people can afford them.

The main characteristics of Mediterranean houses are tiled roofs, warm stone and wood, and white stucco walls. Moreover, most of them have beautiful tile work and metalwork on windows and balconies.

5. Queen Anne House


Queen Anne houses are unique with its decorative trims and asymmetrical exteriors. They generally have many windows on the fronts, steep roofs, and polygonal or round corner towers.

In spite of its beauty, Queen Anne houses are less popular currently. One of the reasons for this unpopularity is that they need more maintenance.

6. Cape Cod House


The Cape Cod house is one of the most attractive types of houses, especially if it is located near water.

Cape Cod houses have several main characteristics, such as moderately-steep-pitched gabled roofs, central chimneys, symmetrical facades, and wide rectangular shapes.

This simple and timeless house design can be found easily across the US. Some of them are newly built since this style remains popular until now.

7. Tudor Style House


Another European house style that is worth your consideration is Tudor houses.

They are characterized by steep gable roofs, timber framing, an asymmetrical design, and stonework. This house style can be easily found in the southeast regions in the US.

Each of the types of houses above looks are attractive and beautiful. However, not all of them may suit your style. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the right one when purchasing a house.

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