7 Types of Porch Roofs with Various Abilities

GriElements.com – Choosing the right roofing and overhang for the porch of your house is going to boost the curb appeal of the building. Types of porch roofs vary and they’re all looking awesome. However, you need to know the different types so that you will see the right one for your porch.

1. Gable Porch Roof

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This one is the most famous porch roof you can see anywhere. The Gable porch roof has a wide and triangular shape that is customizable and flattering. You can customize the size of this gable porch roof to the exterior of your house.

The angled shape of the gable porch roof is going to be an adequate water runoff. No matter how simple your house is, it will look more amazing with a gable roof.

2. Shed Porch Roof

types of back porch roofs

The shed is a downward-sloping porch roof that you can build easily with some minimal materials. Just like the previous one, these types of porch roofs are perfect for water and snow runoff.

The shed porch roof is looking excellent when it is covering a small area. It will be a great roof for your porch.

3. Pergola Porch Roof

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Pergola is usually seen in walkways and gardens. However, you can incorporate the beautiful structure into the roof of your porch.

The original design of a pergola consists of rafters and beams as well as an open top. You need to shelter yourself from various elements and make a covering.

The covering can be made of clear roofing panels. They will let you admire the pergola’s beauty without being bothered by various elements.

4. Hip Porch Roof

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The hip roof of the porch slants downwards on its entire sides. The design of this porch roof allows for overhang all around. The hip porch roof is sturdy and can face windy climates. It also allows for snow and rainwater runoff.

5. Bonnet Porch Roof

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These types of porch roofs are double-sloped roofs. Its lower slope will sit at a lesser angle compared to the top slope of the roof.

This allows for the porch overhang. Unlike simpler designs, a bonnet porch roof requires higher construction costs.

6. Flat Porch Roof

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A flat porch roof is an excellent option if you have a two-story house. This porch roof type is going to let the upper-level window get an unobstructed view.

A flat porch roof and a flat entrance will create a cohesive design for your house. But this roofing type doesn’t allow for adequate water runoff.

7. Curved Porch Roof

different types of porch roofs

This one is for those who are looking for a unique and modern porch roof. The best material for this porch roof is metal. It is pliable and will keep construction costs low. You are free to customize the slope of the arch to provide much better protection.

How many types of porch roofs are available? The seven types above are the most famous porch roof options. Even though there are many other types available, focus on the seven porch roof options above. This way, you’ll find only the best design for your porch roof.

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