What are the Disadvantages of Mulching Despite Its Benefits?

What are the disadvantages of mulching? In the realm of gardening lovers, the term mulching should be familiar enough. Yes, when you want your flower bed to look beat and good, mulching is indeed a good idea.

However, in certain conditions, mulching is not really recommended. So, make sure to learn about this procedure first to know if your plants need to be mulched or not.

What is mulching?

Mulch basically means any materials to put and cover the sand for the flower bed. Therefore, mulching is the process of putting in those materials. Gardeners choose to mulch their plants to press the growth of weeds.

Generally, there are 2 types of mulch, organic and synthetic mulches. You may choose organic mulch since it is considered safer for the continuity of your plants.

However, not all types of plants are suitable for organic mulch. Therefore, you should choose synthetic mulch for them.

Does mulching bring some benefits?

If the mulching process is conducted well and according to the procedure, the effect will be very good. The mulch tends to bring a moisturizing effect to the soil and keep it cold. At the same time, it also supports the absorption of nutrition so that your plants can grow well.

The frozen dew, do you know what it is? Well, just like the name, it is dew in the morning that is frozen for the extremely low temperature. The presence of the dew can make some types of plants stay alive during the winter. The problem is that weeds may also damage and absorb the dew.

And this is the next benefit of the mulch. When you apply it well, the mulch can kill weeds that damage the frozen dew. It is also helpful in managing the drainage process in your garden in certain seasons like winter or summer.

Of course, mulching is done to make the flower bed looks neat and beautiful as has been mentioned in the first paragraph. It is reasonable if many people are interested in mulching as it indeed brings many benefits.

What are the disadvantages of mulching?

All the benefits mentioned above can be achieved if you apply the mulch properly. Unfortunately, if you are not, it will give you some disadvantages. So, before deciding to mulch your plants, make sure to consider some lacks below.

First of all, the main lack of mulching is that it may create a house for dangerous insects. Sure, insects eat your plants and they will be rotten in the end. Besides, if you apply it too tickly, the mulch heats the soil and causes water and sunlight to find it difficult to enter.

Second, not all plants respond to the mulch well. Particularly for plants with stones like lavender and orchid, it is better not to apply the mulching process to them. The presence of mulching which is mostly from organic woods and leaves disturbs the photosynthesis process.

Lastly, some types of mulch can only work with a plastic bag. And the plastic bag can bring a disadvantage also. If you cover it too tight, even the air cannot enter. Sure, it stops the growth of the plant and causes it to be rotten.

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