7 Gorgeous Types of Storage Furniture for All Rooms

Storage furniture will help you store things while decorating your interior as well. Different storage furniture units have different functions. It is essential to know the different types of storage furniture. This way, you’ll figure out which type is the right one for your interior.

1. Bookshelf

Bookshelf storage ideas

You know the function of this furniture. However, a bookshelf is not only a unit to place your books. It can also display your home décor.

Various styles and sizes of bookshelves are available. You can use the bigger one if you want to cover a wall. Or you can use a compact and thin one for your small room.

2. Ottoman

types of storage furniture

An ottoman is actually a footrest. However, some designs have hidden storage under its lid. Also, an ottoman will give you more seating.

Adding a storage unit like an ottoman will also enhance the look of the room because usually, an ottoman will have an eye-catching color that doesn’t look like the sofa.

An ottoman with storage under the lid is a nice ornament for your living room, bedroom, or any other room.

3. Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center Storage Furniture

This is a famous storage piece of furniture placed in the living room. However, homeowners are free to place an entertainment center in the bedroom.

This entertainment center will hold your TV and equipment while letting you organize and hide wires and cords. There is also additional storage to store video games and DVDs.

Some bigger entertainment centers even let you place electronic essentials along with décor items that will enhance the look of your room.

4. Dresser

Dresser storage design

The fourth of 7 types of storage furniture is a dresser that is usually placed in a bedroom. This chest contains some drawers you can use to store folded clothes.

You can also use a dresser to store some other types of household items. Place home décor items on the top of your dresser.

If you want to watch your favorite movies in the bedroom, then place a smaller TV on top of your dresser and enjoy the movies.

5. Nightstand

Nightstand storage ideas

Nightstands are storage units you place next to the bed. This small furniture piece is going to hold your alarm clock, phone, lamp, or some books.

Many nightstand designs have a drawer you can use to store items you don’t need to use quickly.

6. Wardrobe

Wardrobe storage ideas

This furniture unit is the one you use to store your clothes in the bedroom. Wardrobes will have specific sections for hanging clothes and also some drawers that allow you to store shoes or folded clothes.

This is a big furniture piece that will take up your room’s space. Don’t use it in the smaller room.

7. Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet Storage

This cabinet is a storage item that is designed to display and hold collectibles. Mostly, curio cabinets have glass backing and also a beautiful lighting fixture that will highlight items you place inside. But now there are different styles of curio cabinets you can place in any interior.

The seven different types of storage furniture will bring more beauty to your interior. Those furniture pieces will also help you keep your interior clean by holding items and keeping them away from the floor.

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