7+ Types of Window Locks for Homes

GripElements.com – Window locks are going to secure your house. Learn about various types of window locks and you’ll know the best lock to keep your belongings safe.

Different window lock types are available and you need to choose the best one, especially if you are living in a high-crime area.

1. Latch Lock for Windows

types of sliding window locks

Window latch locks are the standard locks you can find on single and double-hung windows. This is a simple mechanism that will connect two window sashes and prevents each window sash from moving. Latches are holding the sashes in place. They will effectively lock your window.

But sashes are not the most robust window lock. Lock latches shouldn’t be the only window lock you use at home.

2. Folding Window Locks

types of sash window locks

You can find folding window locks embedded in the casement window frames. Folding window locks will lock the sashes when you turn them down.

It will release the lock when you turn the folding window locks up. These types of window locks are the standard mechanism in casement windows.

3. Window Pin Locks

types of upvc window locks

Window pin locks have the same look as the doors’ chain locks. You should attach a part of the lock to your window sash.

And then attach the other part to the window frame. Connect the parts with a chain or a cable. It will prevent your window from opening too wide.

4. Window Wedge

types of window locks australia

The next types of window locks are window wedges. They come in various forms. Some of them slide down and up while the others require you to attach them to the window with Velcro.

You can adjust some types of window wedges. They will stop the window from opening wider than you want.

5. Window Locks with Keys

types of window locks uk

This type of window lock requires you to close and open the window using a key. Window locks with keys are more robust and safer than latch window locks. Usually, this type of window lock is also paired with latch locks so that you will get more security.

6. Sliding Window Locks

latch lock types of window locks

The last type of window lock to consider is the sliding window lock. It is a movable pin that you should screw into your sliding window track.

It is going to prevent your window from opening wider than you want. This kind of window lock is cheap. Installing and using this window lock is super easy.

You can find sliding window locks easily at any hardware store. It is easy to move the window lock from one window to another window.

7. Child Safety Window Locks

different types of window locks

One thing you should consider when choosing a window lock is the safety of the lock, especially if you have kids at home.

You should install child safety window locks on double and single-hung windows and on slider windows. They will limit the window opening to a set height.

Child safety window locks will let a fresh breeze get into the house. It will also prevent your window from opening too wide that your kids can fall out. Choose the best and safest types of window locks, especially if you have kids or pets inside your house.

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