What are Lawn Nematodes and How to Get Rid of It?

What are lawn nematodes? Nematodes are lawn pests that are commonly found in the Southeastern United States. The animal is a microscopic roundworm living in the plant roots or the soil. It becomes a problem in the warm temperature and sandy oils areas.

Nematodes become pests since it causes damage to the plants in the lawn. They injure the lawns by eating the plant root cells.

So, the root will get damaged and cannot absorb nutrients or water properly. As the result, it will make all the grass on the lawns die.

The Symptoms of Lawn with Nematodes

The damage of nematodes may seem similar to symptoms because of other stresses. That is why the owners need to do a close examination including a soil test. However, some symptoms below can help the owners to prepare for prevention before it gets worse.

  • Above Ground

On the above ground, the lawn will appear weak, slow to grow, and yellow. The lawn areas also may begin to thin, so it causes weeds to invade easily. The affected areas also may wilt and appear irregular in shape and size because of the nematodes.

  • Below Ground

The below-ground affected by nematodes shows the symptoms too. the grass root will be stunted, short, or have swollen areas on them. The nematodes will create damage in the root system, so the grass cannot grow healthier.

  • Soil Test Result

Because all homeowners have to check the lawn soil, a soil test is recommended enough here. It is the most accurate way all owners can know the nematodes in their lawns. Usually, the nematode sampling from the lawn will be analyzed in the lab.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Nematodes

Understanding what are lawn nematodes and their symptoms will not be complete without the prevention information.

Once nematodes are identified in the lawn, a serious problem may come. Thus, prevention and treatment are the two things that all homeowners can do.

  • Improving

    the lawn’s health

It is essential to improve the overall lawn’s health to manage nematodes. Several things that all homeowners can do are irrigate the lawn regularly and determine the fertilizer. Besides, core aerating the lawn in one or two years is a good thing to increase root health.

  • Planting different grass species

Once lawn grass gets damaged by nematodes, it is better to plant different grass there. Turfgrass species is a good choice since it provides a solution to certain nematode infestations. The homeowners also can see the expert to decide the best grass for their lawn.

  • Choosing chemical products for lawn

Chemical pest control for nematodes is the best product to kill nematodes. Unfortunately, it is not available for homeowners. Those who can buy and use the products are people with pesticide training and certification.

The Bottom Line

From the explanation above, the knowledge about what are lawn nematodes, their symptoms, and the prevention ideas are crucial for all homeowners. With that information, the damage caused by nematodes in the lawn is well handled.

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