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    7 Inviting PVC Window Trim Ideas That Last Forever

    PVC Window Trim – Window trims can make over your interior and exterior, only if you know how to choose the right design and material. When it comes to material choices, cedar wood is considered the best.

    However, steep price makes it less affordable so alternative material is needed. Thankfully, PVC window trim is now available to meet the demand for long lasting, modern, and budget-friendly trims.

    PVC trims are durable and low maintenance, not to mention they are easy to install. You can find basic as well as embossed wood grain trims for more appealing feature.

    Nobody will notice that you use PVC trims as it looks as fantastic as cedar wood. If you are looking for attractive PVC window trim ideas, take a closer look at the following inspiration!

    Basic Trim with Plain Surface

    Basic Trim Idea

    This plain trim is ideal for you who don’t really like a sharp and contrast feature for the exterior. This PVC window casing looks clean and simple without noticeable ornaments. This window trim idea requires less maintenance, and yet it can last longer than you thought.

    Combine with Brick Mold and Crown

    PVC window trim

    Redefine your style with this decorative PVC window trim. It comes with crown molding that helps prevent water drips as well as decorate your exterior.

    Additionally, the brick mold makes the whole feature balance. You can also combine the PVC trim with vinyl siding to ensure its durability.

    Craftsman Style for Beginners

    Craftsman Style Idea

    If you want to be a DIY-er but don’t know where to start, consider making this craftsman window trim from PVC. This window casing is simple and easy to make, allowing you to handle it without difficulties.

    However, this trim idea looks appealing for interior and exterior.

    Add Decorative Touch with Crosshead

    PVC window trim

    Crosshead is among favorite decorations to level up the trim. Crosshead pediments are available on the market so you can easily combine this feature with PVC trim.

    Aside from preventing water drips, this crown offers decorative function to accentuate curb appeal. Just make sure to install the crosshead carefully.

    Simple Craftsman with Shutter

    Simple Craftsman Idea

    Craftsman style trims are characterized by minimum ornament and easy installation. But if you need to make a tweak, this inspiring window trim idea is worth the thought. Combine the PVC craftsman trim with window shutters to evoke colonial flair to your exterior.

    Crown Molding for Exterior

    Crown Molding Idea

    Crown molding makes your PVC window trim more decorative and inviting. Particularly for exterior, adding crosshead or crown molding is one of ways to make a statement to your window. This PVC trim idea looks well-structured and is easy to maintain.

    Stylish PVC Trim with Crown

    Stylish PVC Trim Ideas

    Make your exterior window more appealing with this stylish PVC trim. White trim blends perfectly with the window frame and crown molding, giving harmonious look to the exterior. The following window trim idea is suitable for any house styles.

    PVC window trim offers brilliant solution to decorate your window without breaking the savings. PVC materials require low maintenance and are hardy enough to last longer.

    More importantly, the trim is available in various widths, thicknesses, and styles so you can choose one that meets your preferences.


    1. First time visitor. Great photos and descriptions of materials, look, and options. Comprehensive links for exterior and interior renovations or new build. Thanks for putting all of these options in one place!

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