What Kind of Baseboard for Bathroom to Choose?

What kind of baseboard for bathroom must you install? Baseboards play an essential role in your bathroom. It is not only making your bathroom look different.

It adds function and safety to your bathroom. What is the actual baseboard? Before you pick the perfect material for the bathroom baseboard, you need to read this information.

What is the baseboard for the bathroom?

Baseboards are boards or planks that run across the bathroom floor and are also known as floor trim or molding. Baseboards come in various materials and styles, and they may give a significant impact on how a space looks.

Baseboards are used to conceal the bottom section and the cover joint section of a wall. There are two main functions of the baseboard.

  • Baseboards protect your walls from physical damage, water damage, and regular dust, filth, and debris.
  • Baseboards can also enhance the value of your home by complementing other elements such as molding and adding a stylish aspect.

Waterproof Bathroom Baseboard

What kind of baseboard for bathroom do you choose? You need to know whether the baseboard is waterproof or not. The waterproofness of your baseboard is determined by the material it is composed of.

PVC and rubber, for example, are essentially waterproof without the use of a sealer. Other materials, such as wood and MDF, are not waterproof and must be sealed or waterproofed before being used in the bathroom.

You can choose one that is suitable for your needs. It is good to choose a waterproof baseboard so you can maintain and clean it easily. It must be durable for a longer time than the baseboard’s material, which is not waterproof.

Baseboard type

Baseboards come in a variety of styles and sorts. Flat, flexible, stepped, jointed, and carved are some of the baseboard styles available. Here are some baseboard materials that you can choose for your bathroom.

Wood Baseboard

Pinewood and oakwood are the two most common types of wood baseboards.

Pine is less expensive than oak. While both types of hardwood baseboards are attractive, they are not suitable for use in the bathroom.

You can stain wood baseboard to look their best. You can seal the wood baseboard before being used in the bathroom.

When wood absorbs too much water, though, it swells, which can cause it to break.

MDF Baseboard

If you’re on a budget, MDF is the least expensive baseboard material, so it can be the best option.

MDF baseboards are also quite robust for indoor applications and are available in a range of forms.

You can use an MDF baseboard in the bathroom, but it is not the best material for the job. The biggest disadvantage of MDF is that it is not waterproof and must be sealed in the bathroom.


PVC Baseboard

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it’s the same stuff you’ll find in your plumbing water lines.

You can paint PVC baseboard with a color that you like, but they are not required, and they can be molded into several forms. PVC is an excellent choice for the bathroom because it is naturally watertight and does not require sealing.

After you know the kinds of baseboards for your bathroom, you can answer the question of what kind of baseboard for bathroom you must install.

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