27 Best Baseboard Style Ideas & Remodel Pictures

BASEBOARD IDEAS – Many people look on baseboard as one of the most dispensable parts of their house so that they tend to not pay attention to the baseboard styles which suit their house very well. Actually, if you meticulously choose the right baseboard style for your house, you will change your house into an elegant one with an ultimate look.

There are many things that you need to take into your consideration before deciding to make a home improvement. Something that you think unimportant can alter your house’ looks a lot. Installing baseboard, for instance. But you need to choose the baseboard style that suits your house and budget well.

Here are some baseboard styles that you need to know before purchasing baseboards in the nearest home improvement store.

1. Plain Baseboard – Baseboards Ideas

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This is one of the most ubiquitous baseboards that you may come across when you drop in on your friends’ house. It is very simple and versatile standard MDF baseboard.

It has the natural brown color of cardboard without grain pattern. Therefore, plain baseboard is easy to paint and stain.

In addition to being easy to stain and paint, plain baseboard is pretty flexible. It can be molded into any profile patterns and be bent slightly without breaking or even cracking.

It will still fit your wall perfectly in spite of the shape of your wall. If your wall happens to be not square, this baseboard will be suitable for it.

2. Vinyl Baseboard – Baseboard Pictures

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Vinyl baseboard has been more popular lately because this baseboard is more affordable than some other baseboards.

This affordable price occurs because they are usually produced in a mass quantity due to the increased demand for it, not to mention the simple style that can fit to any houses.

It is not only affordable, but also durable. Most wooden baseboards can absorb moisture very well but it does not mean that it can put up with getting soaked. If the water has damaged your wooden baseboard, you will need to replace it. However, vinyl baseboard is water-proof so that it is more durable than wooden baseboards.

Vinyl baseboards are easy to install and replace. You only need to cut a vinyl baseboard based on the length of the wall and simply press onto the wall. It is merely a breeze, isn’t it?

3. Baseboard Profiles – Modern Baseboard Ideas

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There are a number of baseboard profiles that you can choose, one of which is ranch baseboard. Ranch baseboard is one of the most widely-used baseboards. It has even been used for years.

Ranch baseboard is a simple and unsophisticated piece of molding with 2 ¼ inches width. It features ½-inch bullnose span on one side that tapers to a 3/8-inch on the contrary side. Ranch baseboard is usually used for baseboard, window and door trim.

There are some other popular profiles that you might want to try such as colonial, ogee and also Princeton. The awesome thing of baseboard profiles is they can be stacked together for a customized look.

4. Back-Profiled Baseboard

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Back-profiled baseboard is an exquisite trick that you can apply to MDF baseboard molding. It provides the stacked effect by cutting out the back profile.

Once the back profile has been cut out, you can install it right over the top of the existing baseboard directly. You do not need to uninstall and replace the existing baseboard anymore because it will be pretty arduous.

Back-profiled baseboard can also be installed over new baseboard. The back that has been cut out only fits halfway over the other molding. It creates an elegant and luxurious stacked effect.

5. Commonly-Used Trim Profiles

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As we know that there are a number of baseboards available in all home improvement stores. They are varied from profiles to sizes and many manufacturers have enriched baseboard styles by produces more baseboards to meet their customers’ need.

Those baseboards do not have fixed names but they are recognized from their dimensions. Each baseboard will suit a certain type of houses very well.

Therefore, if you go to a home improvement store, you will find abundant of baseboard profiles. But, one thing for sure, you will find four most ubiquitous baseboard profiles — stepped baseboard, flat baseboard molding, sculpted mid-height baseboard trim and sculpted taller baseboard molding.

6. Three-Inch Rounded

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Three-inch rounded, also known as stepped trim, is one of the four major trim profiles that you often find in people’s house.

It is a piece of baseboard whose dimension is about 5/8 inch to 7/8 inch wide and 3 to 3 1/2 inches tall. The top of the trim has been subtly shaped round so that it looks like a discreet stepped form. This design allows it to taper into the wall.

Three-inch rounded baseboard is very suitable for the classic and contemporary house because its simple design denotes elegance that will make your house look classy.

7. Flat Baseboard Molding

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This baseboard features a very flat design on the front while the back part is grooved to ease the installation. The height and thickness of it are varied ranging from 3 ½ inches to 4 ½ inches with 5/8 inch thick depending on your application.

Due to the flat design, flat baseboard molding is eminently versatile. You can either use it as it is or adds more fabulous details like decorative molding and crown to enhance its look. You can even use it as door’s and window’s casings to accentuate your interior design.

8. Sculpted Mid-Height Baseboard Trim

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If the interior design of your house is a bit formal, sculpted mid-height baseboard trim might be suitable for your adorable house in that the top portion of the trim features decorative shapes that usually involve either scallops or steps tapering toward the wall. It will surely accentuate the wall of the rooms in your house.

The trim ranges from approximately 4 to 5 ½ inches tall and 5/8 inch thick. But you might also find a number of sculpted mid-height baseboard trims with various kinds of height and sculpting in home improvement stores. And thus, the price of this baseboard is also varied depending on the sculpting, height, and materials.

9. Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding

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If you dwell in a house consisting of large rooms and high ceilings, sculpted taller baseboard can be the best choice. Featuring exquisite sculptures of either stepped or scalloped details found on the top edge of the trim, this baseboard can alter the mundane look of your plain wall into a wonderful and artistic wall.

The height of sculpted taller baseboard moldings ranges from approximately 5 ½ to 7 inches or even taller with various width ranging from 5/8 inch to an inch. Since this beautiful baseboard come in various sizes and materials, the price is also varied. But these kinds of baseboards are the most pricey of all the four major baseboards.

Sculpted taller baseboard moldings will protect the lower part of your wall against scuff marks. But you are not suggested adding crown moldings and any other pieces of trim to avoid being too exaggerating. The built-in sculpted of these baseboards will be enough.

10. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

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Medium Density Fibreboard is different from natural woods. It is made of either hardwood or softwood residuals broken down into wood fibers that are combined with wax and a resin binder later on. After that, they form panels by applying high pressure and temperature.

MDF tend to have hard and flat surface. The surface is even smoother than plywood which makes it easier to veneer, paint or stain because there is no underlying grain. It is also easy to cut because the texture is more constant than natural woods.

11. Pine Baseboard – Baseboard Ideas Pictures

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If you are planning to refurbish your house on a tight budget, pine baseboard might be the best choice. If you purchase it in a home improvement store, you will have to choose whether you want to buy the primed or unprimed one.

If you are going to paint it, you had better buy the primed one to save your time and money. But if you are not going to paint it, you can leave the primed pine baseboard that way to create a rustic charm as most high-quality pine baseboard is free of knots and blemishes.

Double-check the pine baseboard before purchasing it to make sure that there is no warping and crack that can lead to failure and make the piece of it unusable.

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12. Hardwood Baseboard

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Hardwood baseboards tend to be the most costly baseboard molding of all although the price can be varied depending on the profiles and wood species.

But they give an elegant and excellent look. Hardwood baseboard matches any trims very well, but oak trims are the best choice.

Although hardwood baseboards are always great to stain and match the existing molding very well, you still need to examine the trim thoroughly before purchasing it as hardwood baseboards are prone to warping.

Now you know that there are many kinds of baseboard styles that you can choose to meet your requirements very well. No matter the baseboard style is, you need to consider your budget and the durability of the baseboard before purchasing it. Purchasing a more expensive yet durable baseboard will be better than the cheaper yet perishable one.

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