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    7 Best Baseboard Trim Ideas for a Better Home

    Is the baseboard trim in your home looks worn out? If it is, you need to replace it with the new one. Some people think that a baseboard is not too important so that it is okay to neglect it. However, people will likely notice a worn out baseboard. That’s why it is important install the new one. And to make your home looks better, you need to choose one of the best baseboard trim ideas.

    There are several styles of baseboard trim that are available in stores. One of them is the colonial style. You can find it pretty easily in most houses in your neighborhood. Its trim has simple crafted details but elegant. In addition, you can also choose modern baseboard trim.

    It is usually plain and has no crafted details. And for more ornate baseboard, you can go for the classic one.

    White Colonial Baseboard Trim

    White Colonial Baseboard

    This baseboard trim idea will look good in various interior styles. It will look great in a country house and good for modern interior.

    But, to enhance a modern interior, you need to have a baseboard and a wall in the same color. Therefore, this interior will have a clean lines look.

    Stained Wood Baseboard Trim

    Stained Wood Baseboard

    Replacing your old baseboard with this stained wood baseboard will bring a big difference in your interior. This baseboard is beautiful and elegant.

    Moreover, it also offers you with a rustic look. Therefore, it will look good in a classic or country styled interior. For better result, stain your door trim and window trim in the same color.

    Classic Wood Baseboard Idea

    Classic Wood baseboard


    To enhance the beauty of your classic home, you can install this classic wood baseboard to replace the old one. Having it in your interior will not only beautify the room, but it will also make it more elegant.

    To boost the elegance and beauty of the interior, you can match this baseboard with a white wall.

    Wide Baseboard Trim Idea

    Wide Baseboard Idea

    If you have a tall ceiling, you can choose this wide minimalist baseboard trim. Once you installed this trim, your interior will be more interesting.

    Moreover, this simple baseboard with shoe molding is great for a modern and contemporary interior style. In order to create a beautiful contrast, you can match it with a dark gray wall.

    Tile Baseboard Idea

    Tile Baseboard Idea

    Having a tile baseboard trim is not very common. However, it can make your interior looks unique and interesting. This tile baseboard idea is good for tall ceiling room since it is wider than the standard baseboard.

    And to make the room less monotone, you can install baseboard wall tile with attractive pattern.

    White Baseboard Idea

    white baseboard idea

    Having a white baseboard trim may seem too ordinary. But, if you have contrasting painted wall and flooring, it will look standout. If you have dark stained wood flooring, this white baseboard can be your best option.

    And to enhance the look, you need to paint the wall in dark brown.

    Lighted Baseboard

    Baseboard trim ideas

    If your interior do not get enough light, you can install this lighted baseboard. It doesn’t only make the room brighter. But, it also makes the interior looks more interesting at night.

    Which one of the baseboard ideas above that you will choose? Whichever it is, you need to make sure that it is made of high quality material. Therefore, you don’t need to trouble yourself with this trim in the near future.

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